Disposed: Sparky’s Toasted in Texas

The Sparky’s crew took a disposable camera on their recent trip in Austin. I started sweating just putting this together.

From Ryan Chadwick:

To coincide with the Texas Toast Jam, Sparky’s Distribution decided to do a road trip that included riders from The Shadow Conspiracy, Subrosa Brand, and Sputnic BMX coming to Texas to ride, film, and have a good time. Seth Kimbrough, Rickey Bates, Ben Hucke, Kyle Hart, Hoang Tran, Greg Smee, and Ryan Sher covered the riding side while Tristan Afre shot the photos and I filmed the clips. These disposables highlight the many sides of traveling Texas in 100 degree weather. Sunscreen, sweat, and Sassy Grace. Enjoy!

– Ryan Chadwick, The Shadow Conspiracy TM