David Gravette. Pro skater, but also likes to hop on a bike. We hit him up to learn more about his BMX side.

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Love me a good doc. This came out great. Give it a watch.

Q&A: Tristan Afre & Zorah Olivia

Photo – Mia Bolton

Knowing that our boy Tristan “Gutstains” Afre was tight with photographer Zorah Olivia, I approached him about interviewing her for Defgrip. Pairing a BMX photographer with a skate photographer sounded interesting to me. Luckily they were both down!

Click below for the interview and some photos.


The Gonz Cruising BMX in NYC

Did you know that The Gonz rides a Sunday cruiser spot to spot to skate New York City? Me either. Press play on the video above and take a look at one of skateboarding’s pioneers launching off garbage piles, doing skids, and bunnyhopping off curbs, all with a skateboard stuck to his bars.


It’s not everyday that I see riders creaming their pants over a skate video and it’s not ever that I watch them in general, so I decided to eyeball this one. Fuckin’ sweet indeed. Give it a go for sure.

Also, like DC like totally song jacked the Empire video bro. Bro. And Chase’s rail. WTF! ROTFL!

***edit – using a lower quality YouTube version cuz the Thrasher player sucks. Go HERE for full quality.

Oakley Skate in Oz

This is on point! Great editing and filming!


Late night internet binging lead me to hear about and naturally watch Jackson Casey’s Boyish video. The filming is great, the editing is perfect, and the aesthetic/visuals are eclectic yet consistent from beginning to end. If you’re into Jackson’s style, he made a pretty awesome follow up to it called Worship Friendship that you can take a look at on his YouTube channelor pick up a copy of the DVD on their website.

New Era Simpel Session 2011

We worked with New Era to produce a video focusing on some of the athletes at Simpel Session in Estonia this year, interviewing Ben Hennon, Ty Morrow, and Sergio Layos as well as a few skaters. Check it out!


Cameras Without Cables


Cameras With Out Cables is a website dedicated to collecting the work of BMX and skate photographers who shoot film. The end goal is to publish a book, but for now, they have a nice selection of film posted on their blog. If you shoot film, you should send some of your photos their way and keep reading to check out some photos that have already been posted on their site.


Made For Skate


Another dope referral from Jason Eichhorst. I haven’t see this book yet, but judging by the click-through preview it’s incredible. The history of skate shoes goes further back than you may think, and this book catalogs all of it up to the present.

Go here to check it out.

EA Sports – Skate 2


I’m not much of a video game dude but this looks really well done.