Q&A: Heider Ismail

Picture 25

Heider Ismail is a photographer and designer whose work I first noticed after coming across outtakes from his solo photography show – You’re Standing On Our Streets sponsored by Carlsberg and Converse. Along with the ability to land a beer sponsor for a photo show (nice going dood), I think he’s got a great eye for composition and knows how to use his surroundings to full effect. Click on for a Q&A with Heider on his work, school, and the BMX scene in Singapore.


David Lang F1 Photos

David Lang just posted some amazing photos on his blog from the Singapore F1 race that went down a few weeks back. This race was the first time F1 visited Singapore and the first time a night race was ever held in F1 history. I really love David’s perspective when it comes to photojournalism and this series really showcases David’s skill and creativity.

Check David’s F1 photos here.