Photogallery: Simple Session ’15

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Another Simple Session is in the books. Hopefully you caught the live feed over the weekend (or even just glanced at Instagram) for all the happenings. As in previous years, our friend Vince Perraud was lurking around the event and captured some great moments once again. Vince does a great job of capturing a little bit of everything around this event. Click below to check that out.

Shoutout to Risto, everyone at Simple and Vince Perraud.


Simple Session ’15


I’m really digging this years Simple Session event poster & art direction. Well done. Simple is coming up soon, stay posted on the site for info. Click below for the TV spot that’s running over there as well.

On a related note, check out the recent By The Numbers Q&A we did with Risto, who is behind the Simple art.


By The Numbers: Risto Kalmre

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We’ve written down 100 random questions and assorted topics, all of which are unbeknownst to our victims. We will be asking people to pick 20 random numbers from 1-100 and then supplying them with those questions/topics to answer. Who knows what might come up!?!?!

Up next, is one of the unsung heros of our scene. Simple Session organizer Risto Kalmre. If you’ve ever attended or enjoyed the live stream of a Simple Session, you can thank Risto in large part.

Click below to check out Risto’s By The Numbers Q&A, and stay tuned to Simple Session as the event gets closer. Photo courtesy of Vince Perraud.


The Simple Session Experience

In case you missed any of this years Simple Session action, here’s a quick little video to get you up to speed courtesy of Risto and the Simple crew.

Also, be sure to check out our Vince Perraud photo gallery from this years event as well.

Photogallery: Simple Session 2014


Another year, another Simple Session.

Our boy Vincent Perraud was on hand in Estonia to capture the good times. Click below to check out the pics.

Shout out to Risto, Simple Session and Vince.


Simple Session Gear

simplesession x quintin

Risto Kalmre (Simple Session mastermind) sent through this year’s Simple gear for you to eyeball. If you can’t personally be cold as fuck in Estonia at Simple Session but want a piece of one of the most respected contests, go HERE to swoop up some softgoods. Click below to check out the tees.


Simple Session 14 is coming…

Get ready.

Hit up the Simple Session site for info.

Photogallery: Simple Session By Vincent Perraud

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For this years Simple Session, we were able to get our friend Vincent Perraud out there to cover the whole thing for us. We’re fans of Vince around here and I knew he would come back with great photos, which he did (and delivered in a super timely manner). I fucking love this gallery; it captures the atmosphere, the people, the scene and the riding perfectly. Dude even got into the rafters.

Cheers to Vincent, Risto and the Simple Session crew.

Click below for the gallery.


Simple Session Results

simple session pic

simple session pic

Simple Session is a wrap! Here are your BMX finals results:

1 Kevin Peraza MEX 444
2 Michael Beran CZE 437
3 Harry Main GBR 433
4 Daniel Sandoval USA 432
5 Kyle Baldock AUS 427
6 Logan Martin AUS 425
7 Devon Smillie USA 420
8 Pat Casey USA 414
9 Bruno Hoffman GER 413
10 Todd Meyn AUS 410
11 Stevie Churchill USA 408
12 Simone Barraco ITA 404
13 Trey Jones USA 399
14 Daniel Tünte GER 395
15 Alex Kennedy GBR 390
16 Tommy Dugan USA 390
17 Ryan Taylor GBR 387
18 Jack Clark GBR 385
19 Josh Harrington USA 383
20 Shanon Farrugia AUS 377
20 Anthony Perrin FRA 377
22 Jack Watts GBR 376
23 Sebastian Keep GBR 375
24 Dan Paley GBR 368

Hit up the Simple Session site for more info.

In terms of new high flying bike video game-ery, click below to check out Michael Beran’s 360 bike flip to tailwhip.



maddog, pizza, simple session, vapianos

This is pretty rad. Vapiano (aka, go-to food joint during Simple) is offering a special Maddog Pizza with proceeds being donated to Brett’s recovery fund.

If you’re going to Simple in Estonia, put some pizza in yo face for a good cause.

via Simple Instagram

Simple Session X Quintin Hats

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Simple Session is coming, and along with that comes the gear. Risto and crew do a good job merchandising the event and this year is no different. Simple has teamed up with Quintin on 3 hats that are AVAILABLE NOW on their store. One of these should appease your dome.

Click below to check them all out.