Jared Souney has posted some pics and a write up about the OS reunion that took place at Woodward West this weekend, which looked and tweeted like a good time.

Check that out HERE, and click below to check out Jim Bauer and Rooftop trying to backflip a sidehack, plus some Flickr vids via Smoovebert. Here’s another first, embedding Flickr video.


Hercules Sidehacks Promo

Greyboy just hit me up with this dope promo for Hercules Sidehacks. Greyboy and Truly Odd have been killing the side hacks for a bit and this video is solid proof! The slowmo around the corner looks so good… I have had the chance to ride one of their hacks and the feeling you get railing a corner on one of these things is like nothing you’ve felt on your bike before. I’m really into this little promo and I can’t wait to see more sidehack stuff from these guys!

Check out video afte the jump – READ MORE