The Wade’s are up to no good.

In the WTF item of the day, this short featuring Morgan and Natalie Wade.

I just happened to browse through Rad Collector for the first time and came across this short by Chris Rollins. Totally random and pretty cool. I actually scrolled down just enough to miss the title of the post and started watching it without knowing that Morgan was in it, and then when he showed up, I did a double take. This was filmed in Tyler, TX over 3 days, and shot using a Panasonic GH1.

If you ask me, Morgan’s got some acting chops. I could see Hollywood in his future.


I just came across the above short on Yimmys Yayo. Part of me is amused by the premise mixed with the slow-mo, while another part of me thinks its comical due to the over-dramatic music, while another part of me thinks my time was robbed. You decide.

Click below for “three ways of melting a chocolate hare” and check out the rest of the videos HERE.