Night Moves

Anything that opens with beach cruisers and some D’Angelo gets my seal of approval… Check out this dope edit of Lahsaan from Shadow… Night Moves!

Chip Riggs Polaroids

The Come Up has a dope feature with Chip Riggs from Shadow about a Polaroid project he’s been working on. Check out the full gallery and interview here.

Shadow at Woodward

It’s probably because I spent so much time at Woodward when I was younger, but I really love watching edits from Woodward… Especially Woodward East. The Shadow crew spent some time out there this summer and put together a rad edit with Lahsaan Kobza, Trey Jones, Drew Bezanson, Scott Ditchburn, and Alistair Whitton hitting pretty much every setup the camp has to offer… Watching this has got me thinking back to being 18 years old, working at Woodward, with nothing better to do then ride bikes and talk to girls… ahh, life used to be so simple… hahaha.

Print Ad: Shadow

Keep reading to check out Shadow’s latest print ad featuring Simone Barraco.


Simone Barraco Scrappin’

I’m sure everyone agrees that these clips are anything but scraps. Simone Barraco throws down some great clips for Shadow in Barcelona. The manual to 360 line on the round benches is so dope… Actually scrap that (no pun intended) everything this kid does is so dope.

Print ad: Shadow Conspiracy

A few days late, but definitely worth a post. Drew Bezanson killin it.

Ben Hucke PHX to PDX

Check out this new Hucke edit from Shadow, filmed and edited by Ryan Chadwick… Make sure you make it to the last clip… So good.

“This edit has been a while in the making and we are proud to finally release it. The riding is a culmination of two trips we took, one in Phoenix, Arizona and the other in Portland, Oregon. Ben went hard to get some wild moves done for this and we can definitely say you won’t be disappointed.”

Albert Mercado’s Lunch

Check out a rad Shadow edit with Albert Mercado… Filmed mostly during his lunch break from Walmart!


Shadow Park Edit

Shadow has a rad edit up from the Barachel Skatepark featuring Ryan Sher, Ben Hucke, and Trey Jones. Filmed and Edited by Ryan Chadwick. Check it out!