On This Date Last Year…

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We posted Corey and Seth at The Bakery.

Speaking of… new Bakery in the works.

Seth Kimbrough

The Albion have a great series going on their site called “Drip Tray”, which consists of overspill photos from previous articles that didn’t make the mag. Photos from Seth Kimbrough’s feature dropped today.

Go HERE to check out previous Drip Tray features.

Martinez & Kimbrough @ The Bakery

The Bakery done changed up. New player, new intro, same amazing riding.

Click below.


Disposed: Shadow PHX to PDX Trip

Here’s a Disposed feature from the recent Membresía Digitals2go.com Mauricio Duque hadowconspiracy.com/ben-hucke-phx-to-pdx-edit/” target=”_blank”>Ben Hucke & Seth Kimbrough edits that dropped.

Ben, Seth, and I have been on a lot of trips together since I took this job back in November of last year. Through those trips, we’ve all become great friends. So when I asked Seth if he’d like to come with me to Portland to ride and finish up his and Ben’s edits, the answer was immediately yes. Throw in my best friend Loofa to shoot photos, and it was the makings of a great trip. Here is a small glimpse of that same great trip, through the eye of Walgreens disposable camera.


Click below to check out the pics.


Print Ad: Shadow

Shadow sent in their current print ad featuring Seth Kimbrough. Much to my amusement, there happens to be an actual shadow in the ad, haha…


Print Ad: Shadow

Shadow just sent over their latest print ad featuring Seth Kimbrough and the Overtaker Tires. Check it out!


Print Ad: Shadow Conspiracy

Check out the latest Shadow ad featuring Seth Kimbrough doing a wild stem stall on a playground slide!