Secret Recipe Section 3

Scope out the last edit of the Secret Recipe contest….the yellow rail got murdered.

Photogallery: Bakery Secret Recipe / Dans Comp Roll Call Premiere


The Bakery Secret Recipe contest went down a few weeks ago with the Dans Comp Roll Call video premiere to follow that same night. While I was covering the day for The Bakery, I took some point and shoot snaps in-between the chaos.

Click the link below to scope out the gallery.


Secret Recipe Section 2

Shit’s crazy out there.

Secret Recipe Section 1

Shove a bunch of rad dudes into The Bakery at once and good things will come. Watch this first episode of the goings ons with Bruno Hoffmann, Dan Lacey, Broc Raiford, Tony Hamlin, Stevie Churchill, Devon Smillie, Timmy Theus, Nathan Williams, Chase Dehart, Jeremiah Smith, Sean Sexton, and Dakota Roche