Vans X Odyssey – Road To Nowhere

Full disclosure: I work at Odyssey, had a hand in these and I love Vans… of course I’m gonna post this. Whachuthink. Plus… Sexton, Gary Young, Jacob Cable and Travis Hughes.

Swoop up some Vans X Odyssey shoes, make your feets look better.

Viva La RevoluciĆ³n

See what happens during the latest ODSY-VISION getaway with Odyssey/Empire riders Aaron Ross, Tom Dugan, Sean Sexton and Tom Smith.



Print Ad: Odyssey

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As seen in Squash It. Click to enlarge.


Featuring Sean Sexton, Eric Lichtenberger, Grant Germain, and Mat Houck in a quick jaunt to Phoenix, Arizona. Get low.

On This Date Last Year…

We premiered the Odyssey Palm Springs trip edit.

Feature: Making “Squash it”

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Kink’s “Squash It” video is all set to premier soon. After roughly over a year in the making, 2 trailers and numerous ads, it’s all done.

With that said, we’ve hit up Ben Hittle, Sean Sexton, Aaron Smith, Darryl Tocco, Lloyd Wright, Dan Coller, Tony Hamlin and Chris Doyle to reflect on their time making this video and to recount any memorable moments that come to mind.

Thanks to Jay Roe for the assistance!

Click below to check it out.


Print Ad: Kink

Mucho Fuego! (Cinema in Barcelona)


Click below.


ODSY VISION: Hawk / Sexton / Cayman Islands

Chase Hawk and Sean Sexton shredding the Cayman Islands.

Click below.


New Cinema Site & Promo

This just came in. Features Garrett Reynolds, Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Sean Sexton & Chase DeHart, so you know it’s good.

This promo coincides with Cinema’s new site, which you can check HERE.

Disposed: Empire BMX in Spain

Welcome to a new feature here at Defgrip.

A while back, Ryan Sher had suggested to Harrison that it would be rad to send along a disposable camera on a road trip, let anyone use it and see what comes back for a photogallery. We loved the idea, and did just that. In addition to giving you a loose glimpse into the trip, this turned out exactly how I envisioned. Grainy, spontaneous and fun.

Our first victim is Empire BMX, who went to Spain to film for their upcoming video. The trip consisted of Hanson Little, Danny Hickerson, Sean Sexton, Chase Hawk and Sergio Layos.

Click below to check out Empire in Spain.


Sexton Tocco

Check out this quick Kink edit featuring Sean Sexton and Darryl Tocco, 2 riders I can watch all day.

via – bmxfeed


Here’s a cool edit from Kink’s recent Taiwan team trip, courtesy of Darryl Tocco. I snickered a little at the use of the asian style font, and gong at the beginning.

This features Aaron Smith, Jay Roe, KC Badger, Chris Doyle, Darryl Tocco, Sean Sexton & Tony Hamlin.


twelve hours in sd

I remember checking for this since it was advertised in the last Ride, but it wasn’t on the Fox site until I just checked now.

Click below to check out a sweet web edit featuring Chase Hawk, Aaron Ross and Sean Sexton, courtesy of Fox.


Mosh Australia Video

Check out a nice edit of the Mosh team in Australia.

Watch it after the jump – READ MORE