Scrapbook 2013 – Timothy Burkhart


Going through a years worth of photos is a lot harder than I thought and I don’t know how I’m supposed to follow Harrison’s gallery, but I guess I’ll give it a go. This past year was a weird one for me, I stayed pretty local to the midwest and traveled less in 2013 than I have in a long long time. Despite the lack of travel, there was a ton of stuff going on in Chicago and the midwest to keep me busy at all times. I got to take care of photographic duties for The Bakery as well go on a few small trips with some friends, from the Defgrip on UP trip to heading down to Texas Toast. I’m always looking for something to photograph and find a reason to wander around on my lunch break at work or take a cruise on my bike around the city. Here is a gallery of some random photos from throughout the year, shot with a mix of 35mm, medium format and digital. READ MORE

Scrapbook 2012: Nuno Oliveira

2012 was interesting. I moved from Long Beach to Austin, and for whatever reason ended up shooting way less “real” photos than I did in years past. I still carried a camera around a bunch and accumulated some goodies, but ended up with a lot less this year. For real, I’m blaming Instagram (in a good way). No matter the medium, we still have images. This collection of photos is a mix of camera and iPhone pics that I took throughout 2012. Enjoy!

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Scrapbook 2011: Nuno Oliveira

Just like last year, I saved up a bunch of my photos to put together a little year end “scrapbook”.

These photos are from various travels and days out and about. I’m always carrying a camera, so there’s a good mix of BMX and assorted randomness in here. Some photos are from previous galleries, but a whole lot more are brand new.

Thanks to anyone who let me snap a pic.

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Scrapbook 2010: Nuno Oliveira

Since this year is coming to a close, I figured I would post a little gallery of photos that I’ve set aside throughout the year. You may recognize a few of these from previous galleries here, but the majority of these pics are new. As with my personal site, there’s a random mix of stuff in this “scrapbook”. Enjoy!

A big shout out to everyone I know and to every new person I’ve met this year.

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