Happy 2020! To help kick off the year, photographer Scott Marceau has contributed 20 of his favorite shots from 2019 along with the story behind each one for a new “Autophoto” feature. These selections feature a varied cast and subjects from all over the States.

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Photo of The Day – Scott Marceau

Scott Marceu, defgrip, photo of the day

Photographer Scott Marceau ( of Push it a Stop fame too ) will be taking over our photo of the day on the sidebar for a month. Be sure to keep your eyes on it.

Photo by Davey Wilson.

Thanks to Tom Kirkby for holding it down previously.

Photogallery: RIP Tulsa


Last month I was fortunate enough to partake in a journey with several of my friends to Tulsa, Oklahoma. I had originally proposed the idea a month or more before the trip occurred and did not hear anything about it until a few days before. It was a surprise to me that it was actually occurring.

Scotty Wemmer, Bobby Simmons and Rob DiQuattro had all journeyed to Columbus to meet up with Scott Marceau and myself. From there the five of us had headed down to Louisville, Kentucky to stay the night at Jordan Stump’s house. In the morning Phil Bossmeyer and Tyler “Kid” Rembold had shown up after they had worked all night. The Word Crew (Jordan, Phil and Tyler) all work third shift and had little rest for the 10 hour adventure we had ahead of us. The 8 of us packed up the bags and bikes and then headed out west.

The photos taken documented the entire trip; Hotels to hospitals and everything in between.

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ALYK Spring/Summer Lookbook

ALYK has some new clothing out for Spring/Summer and they sent through a lookbook shot by Scott Marceau featuring their new gear. Keep reading to check it out.


Animal Ebbets Field Lookbook

Animal sent through some new photos showcasing their Ebbets Field line. Keep reading to check out the photos and get all the info about the collection.


ALYK for A New York Thing

Act Like You Know. for A NEW YORK THING.

aNYthing is one of those brands that continually has some of the best/most obscure references in their clothing, dope cut and sew lines, and an amazing community of people creating work for the brand. ALYK. has always respected and liked aNYthing, so when we had the opportunity to do a look book it was a no-brainer.

Just down the block from Dah Shop and the Manhattan Bridge Skatepark, the aNYthing storefront is a rad place to check out the new gear, peruse the huge collection of zines, watch LES tweakers, eat dollar dumpings, and hang out front on the bench. The GLOB is always updated with parties, galleries, and weird shit to do in the City as well. So, even if you’re an OT cat you’ll be able to find something to do.

If you’re in NYC come through and say what’s up.


– Torey Kish

Photos by Scott Marceau


The Last People Point of View

The Last People have a great feature going on their site, titled Point Of View, and they happen to feature a bunch of our friends! They currently have POV’s with Andrew McMullen, Chad Moore, Ryan Bailey, and Scott Marceau! You can check them all out and more on their features page.


Scott Marceau

Scott Marceau is another great photographer from the Snake Lounge crew. This post is definitely many years over-due, but none-the-less Scott has some amazing work and I really love all his Polaroids. Lately Scott has been pushing the Flip Cam movement and was responsible for the much-loved edit for his site Push it a Stop.