Say Mayday Stranger Mix

Say Mayday dropped a new summer mix curated by Rich Hirsch.

Click HERE to check it out and/or download.

Say Mayday Shirts

The crew at Say Mayday have their first batch of t-shirts out! To celebrate the release, they are actually giving them away. All you have to do is send one of your friends to the Say Mayday Facebook page, then drop them an email to let them know you did! How can you beat a deal like that??


Shotwell – Alex Klein Pt. 2

The second part to the Say Mayday‘s feature on Alex Klein is online! You can check out all the info on the series, as well as part 1 here, and keep reading to watch part 2.


This Los Angeles Video

Jordan Malama from Say Mayday hit me up with a link to a promo video they put together for the first opening of This Los Angeles. We posted about the show last week, so check out all the info here and keep reading to see the video!


Rich Hirsch on Say Mayday.

Our boys at Say Mayday have an interview up with Rich Hirsch about the Stay Fit video.

Peep it HERE.

Shotwell – Alex Klein


Jordan Malama and the guys at Say Mayday have a great series going on called Shotwell. We linked up to the first series they did on Nick Ferreira a while back on Vimby, but they’ve since gone out on their own producing a piece on Kyle Emery-Peck (that I swear we posted on, but can’t find it anywhere) and have just released a new Shotwell feature on Filmmaker Alex Klein. Alex and a few friends spent two months in Gaza and Israel filming a documentary about the surf scene out there. Their film is called God Went Surfing With The Devil and keep reading to get the scoop on Alex and his film!