Photogallery: Double Ditch Jam

Sam Adams sent over a bunch of rad shots from the Double Ditch Jam in Albuquerque. Check em out!

Last week as the 8th Annual Double Ditch Jam in Albuquerque, NM, although I now live in a different state I’ve still only missed one jam during its history. Things have changed since the first jam, but so many of the faces remain. It has always been about having a good time, riding your bike, and getting loose.



I shot this image last week of Mario Carrasco riding a new ramp in my friend’s backyard. We are moving the ramp from one yard to another, and this is the first ride-able section that was set up.

When Mario and I shot this, it was in the last few minutes of light in the day and the ramp was getting pretty hard to see despite how the photo looks. The nice thing though is since we are getting into the fall season, the sunsets here in ABQ start changing to some really nice colors.

Sam Adams

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