Eric Schalles…

would be everyone’s favorite rider if they knew he existed.

He recently just got his bike jacked on Malcolm X off Broadway in Brooklyn. Be on the lookout for a blue and purple Skavenger Tunnel v1 frame with “NJ” engraved on the seat stay bridge then you should hit him up on Instagram: @rosieodonnel.

Team SAF: Evan Gallagher

Ever since I first saw the SAF videos I have been a fan. Evan has been killing it for years and this video is no different. There are some serious tricks in here for being a lighthearted edit.

SAF is back

The intro by New York’s street legend, Casio, and his endorsement of cellar doors is classic. Pat Quinn, Jason Byoun And Jeremy Anderegg all kill it with Nic Gironda behind the lens.