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Here’s Ryan Sher circa 2009, presumably when G.U.T.I was already 5 years overdue. I kid, I kid.

All jokes aside, the video is about to drop and we now have the final trailer for it. Click below for that and more info.

Congrats dudes!


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Shadow Park Edit

Shadow has a rad edit up from the Barachel Skatepark featuring Ryan Sher, Ben Hucke, and Trey Jones. Filmed and Edited by Ryan Chadwick. Check it out!

Ewen Chias Live Internet Income

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Here’s an edit the Subrosa dudes put together in Seamus’ warehouse.

From Ryan Sher:
Here’s a little warehouse edit we did on the G.U.T.I. trip to North Carolina. It’s also the same trip as our “Disposed”, and the Ride BMX article. They’re Seamus’ ramps in his parents barn. He also has a 3 legged goat there. The edit features Hoang Tran, Scott Ditchburn, Miles Rogoish, Seamus McKeon and myself.

Ryan Sher P.O.T.D.

We have to thank our boy Rooftop for his service on photo of the day, but his month is up and it is time to move on.

For the next month, Ryan Sher will be in charge of the Photo of the Day in the sidebar. Check back often to see the goods.

Photo yoinked from Subrosa.

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Check out the latest Shadow ad featuring our boy Ryan Sher!



ryan sher, chihuahua, jared souney

On the strength of Jared Souney’s Tweets, I will most likely hit up Sweetpea Bakery whenever I visit Portland. I will also one day coax him out of his Contax T2, haha…

While we are on the topic, Jared has just re-launched his portfolio site which is nice, clean and fun to look around. Photography and design work aplenty!

Check it out HERE.

Shadow Hand Drawn Ads


Shadow has been doing these rad hand drawn ads. They start from a photograph, illustrator over top, and add some goodies in here and there. The ads are rad and the concept is dope. When each ad drops, they are posting the before and after shots on their site. So far they have ads of Alistair Whitton and Ryan Sher. Check out the ads after the jump and go to the shadow site (click on the ad feature in the side nav) to see the before shots…