Opinions: Deciphering Web “edits”, “videos”, “parts” etc…

When our friends at Ride BMX released word about the new NORA CUP for “web video part”, it sparked a discussion within the OTX office regarding the difference between web “videos”, web “edits”, web “video parts”, promos, what should be considered what and if there’s even a difference at all. I’ve seen lots of opinions regarding BMX on the web over the years, so I figured this would be a fun topic to delve into.

With that said, I hit up a handful of riders, videographers and industry folk to ask them the following:

In your opinion…

Is there a difference between a “web video” and a “web edit”? If so, describe how the terminology differs?

Should something labeled “web video part” be part of a full video, or can it be a standalone thing?

If a rider releases a new solo 2 minute (or so) collection of kick ass footage online, you would classify this as a…?

If someone releases a “one night at House park with the homies” thing, you would classify this as a…?

If a full length video that’s been in the works for 2 years, has proper art direction and production value is released FREE online, is it considered a “web video” or just a “video”?
What would you describe Fiend’s “FIENDING” as?

Does a projects method of distribution (physical DVD or online) affect your opinion?

Can product promos that feature great riding mixed with product info and images also be considered web edit/video/parts? Or are they just “promos”?

Click below to see what Ryan Fudger, Will Stroud, Mark Burnett, Darryl Tocco, Dakota Roche, Charlie Crumlish, Ty Morrow, Jake Seeley, Francis Castro, Mike Mastroni and Ryan Navazio had to say. Throughout the peice, new designations pop up, opinions differ and uncertainty lingers among some. Pretty interesting.


New Year’s Drive — Photo Dump

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

On the first day of every year, a hundred or so Porsche enthusiasts meet up for an early morning coffee in the Valley and then move swiftly through some amazing empty mountain roads while southern California sleeps.

A special thank you to all who get wasted on New Year’s Eve and make this beautiful experience possible every year.

Here’s an iPhone pic dump for all of you who enjoy Porsches new and old. Pics by (and of) Ryan Fudger, Dave Mavro, Jim Bauer, Brett Rubin, Matt Crooke and yours truly.


20+ Foot One-Handed Table

X Games 2013 - Big Air Practice, ride bmx, morgan wade, ryan fudger

I saw this photo on Ride's Instagram and liked it so much that I dug it up on their site to post here.

Morgan Wade with a large 1 handed table on the Mega Ramp shot by Fudger. Simplicity at very high altitudes. Morgan went on to win as well. This photo was actually shot though, but zero fugzzz given.


Tumblr: Ryan Fudger

Ryan Fudger done got him a Tumblr in place of his portfolio site. Original photos only too. That means less photos you’ll never know the origin or creator of and more RYAN FUDGER!


Ryan Fudger

Here’s a cool piece on our boy Fudger .

Courtesy of Ryan Scott & The Last People.

Kink Ghetto Park Edit

Check out this fun edit with Jay Roe and Darryl Tocco at their local ghetto park. Keep an eye out for some Fudger clips as well!


Our boy Ryan Fudger just launched a sweet new portfolio site / blog. He’s got a bunch of good work up, so click HERE to check it out.

Be sure to bookmark the BLOG too.

Top 5’s: Ryan Fudger on Japan

A few months back I was invited by Gatorade to fly out to Japan to do some stuff with Nigel Sylvester for Defgrip. I was super excited and couldn’t wait to take my first trip to Japan! Along with me and a few other media people was Ryan Fudger. He was working on a full article for Ride that will be out next month. Fudger and I have known each other for a long time, but some how have never ended up on a trip together. We had a blast and ended up staying in Japan a few extra days to ride and explore a bit more. When we got back, I hit up Fudger for a quick top 5 from the trip, so keep reading to see what Fudger thought of Japan!


Print Ad: Subrosa ft. Hoang Tran

In December we previewed what could only be a crazy ass Subrosa ad featuring Hoang Tran. The actual ad is out now and it definitely lives up to our expectations. The photo was shot by Ryan Fudger on a “Get Used To It” filming trip to Japan and I can’t wait to see the footage from this!