Robin Fenlon: Travelin Man

Robin Fenlon is always on the move. I feel like he is never in one place for too long while taking care of business. This is part of the reason we asked him to take over our Photo of The Day a while back. If you follow him on Twitter or Instagram, than you might know what I mean as well.

Below I throw some assorted travel related topics at Robin. Check out what he has to say.

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Photo Of The Day: Robin Fenlon

Robin Fenlon will be taking over the P.O.T.D. on the sidebar for the next month. Robin always seems to be on the move, so we should be seeing some cool random stuff.

Thanks to Matty Lambert for his time.

A Day With Dan Boiski and Ben Green

Somehow I missed this edit and even though it’s just about a month old, I still think it deserves a post. Like the title says, this is an edit documenting a day with S&M’s Ben Green and United’s Dan Boiski, filmed by Robin Fenlon and what I’m assuming is a Canon 5D. The guys start out at Cantalowes in Camden then make their way down to Kings Cross and then onto Ladbroke Grove and then ultimately get shut down by the rain. Robin did a great job of documenting a real day of riding and while some people might not find this to their liking because it’s not 100% tricks, this could by one of my favorite edits of the year.


Riki Gunner Edit

riki runner ride uk bmx edit

Robin Fenlon put together another amazing edit, this time it’s kind of more a day in the life edit of United flow rider Riki Gunner. Check it out after the jump!


A day with Liam ‘Lima’ Eltham

A day with Liam Lima Eltham at the trails by robin fenlon

Robin Fenlon put together an amazing edit of Lima riding his local trails for Ride UK. I’m really digging the follow shots through all the lines. Lima kills it and this edit really makes me want to ride some trails! Check it out after the jump or watch it big on the Ride UK site.



Robin Fenlon sent over this backyard edit of Mark Webb, which he filmed on his new Canon 5D.

Nice one!

Click below.


RIDE UK # 129

The new Ride UK has dropped, an in conjunction with that, is the above edit from shooting the cover. The last move is bananas. Click below to check out the cover in full.

Thanks to Robin Fenlon for the heads up.