On This Date Last Year…

On this date last year, we posted (among other things) a Q&A with Robert Loeber, art director for Albion.

Click HERE to re-visit it or to check it out for the first time.

Who Is Robert Loeber?

By now, most people within BMX are familiar with The Albion. They either have one, have seen one or they’re fiending to get their hands on one. The quality of the content, combined with a strong and minimal layout makes for a great overall magazine.

…But how about the person in charge of making it look as good as it does? That person is Robert Loeber. He hails from the UK and you may already be familiar with some of his stuff.

I threw some questions his way about a few things, so click below to check it out.


Almond Presents

To celebrate the launch of the new Almond website, we are excited to bring you an exclusive Photogallery showcasing the new Almond gear. The photos feature Daniel Benson and were shot in London by Robert Loeber, Paul Robinson and Ross Teperek. Enjoy!