Disposed: Puerto Rico w/ Alex Magallan

Alex Magallan recently went on a trip to Puerto Rico with Eric Hennessey, Brian Yeagle, Clint Reynolds, Ryan Corrigan and Rob Dolecki. He snapped some photos along the way, so click below to check them out along with some words.


Rob Dolecki: Twice BMX

Rob Dolecki, one of BMX’s top photographers, has relaunched his personal site. Twice BMX shows off a good mix of his work, a bunch of which was new to me. Good stuff.

Check out Twice BMX.



I thought this news was made public weeks ago, but I guess not since I just got an email about it.

Photographer Rob Dolecki is now the managing editor of DIG in the USA, and he will now be shooting exclusively for DIG as well as being involved with the day to day running of the mag. Congrats dude!!

Click HERE for a Rapid Response Q&A on DIG.

Bonus info: Dolecki took various forms of transportation (trains) from NJ (or something) to our trails on Long Island back in the day, and I remember thinking he was nuts for going through all that, haha. Good dude though.