Crate Diggers: J Dilla

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The latest episode of highlights the late J Dilla, one of the most respected producers in Hip Hop. Obviously Dilla is no longer with us, so they got his mom and other notable people to tell his story. They dig into his record collection, talk about his ways etc.. It”s a good watch.

Click below to check it out.


R.I.P. Biggie

RIP: Nekst

My Instagram feed blew up last week with RIP Nekst stuff. It was hard to miss that he had passed away.

Big, bold and in your face. That’s Nekst in a nutshell. Juxtapoz put together 100 pics of his stuff earlier this week, check it out.

While we’re at it, click below for Ralph Sinisi’s CUTS part, which features a Nekst cameo.


RIP: James Van Doren

Given the fact that I’m wearing Vans right now, and have done for most of my life, this post seems mandatory. I don’t know how often people think about the founders of any footwear brand, but given how influential Vans was and still is, I think this post is completely justified and respect should be given.

According to Steve Van Doren:
“He was a mechanic, a chemist, the brains behind the early shoe,” said his nephew, Steve Van Doren, one of several family members who still work for the company. “In his garage, he made all the molds for the very first soles,” including the trademark waffle design.

Read about the passing of Vans co-founder James Van Doren HERE.

Image via Artifact Bag Co.


Guru, half of legendary Hip-Hop group Gangstarr, has passed away at the age of 43 – R.I.P.

Between Guru and Premier, there’s been a whole lot of classics in the past. There are many, but click below for a few.