A Moment in BMX

The crew at Ride BMX summonsed a handful of photographers to participate in a high stress situation cool project. To all capture a moment in time on a specific day, at a specific time. A global BMX project if you will.

Peep the vid for the goings on.

Behind The Cover: Dirt Ron / Ride #199

ride bmx, 199, dirt ron, keith mulligan, behind the cover

As soon as I saw this Ride BMX cover and the unusual warped film action, I knew it had a story worth telling. Keith Mulligan came through with a very detailed “Behind The Cover” for us.

Click below to read up on it.


Behind The Cover: Shawn Mcintosh Ride #198

198 Shawn Cover

The new issue of Ride BMX is out and features Shawn Mcintosh on the cover with a gnarly double peg. For a little more insight on this shoot, I hit up the one and only Jeff Z for a little behind the scenes info about this day.

Stew Johnson was in town along with Van Homan and Ben Lewis and filming for the next Fit DVD was in full swing. Since we were in LA, it was Shawn McIntosh’s time to shine and he was knocking out clips at a bunch of spots that he had been staring at for months. It was an intense few days of non-stop bangers. On the day Shawn did this ledge, his plan was to do another wild move about 45 minutes south of LA, and if that went well (which it did), then we’d drive up to LA and he’d wrap the day up with the Wilshire ledge.

I was lucky enough to be around the entire time Stew was in town and the grip of photos I got between Shawn, Benny, and Van was pretty nuts—enough to get the ball rolling for interviews with Ben and Shawn. By the time we got to the Wilshire ledge, I knew I had enough photos of Shawn for a full-length feature and this would’ve been the icing on the cake—a cover shot. So I did everything I could to get the best photo possible for a cover. I planned to shoot the photo with my Hasselblad at first, but after trying to compose it and have enough room for the proper cover crop, I knew it wouldn’t work because I didn’t have enough space behind me to move back and using a fisheye for a ledge that size would’ve been ridiculous. So I went with my digital body with a 24-70, pulled out on the wider side and I shot looser than I normally would to allow enough wiggle room for just the right cover crop.

Jeff Zielinski

Jeff Zielinski’s Best of 2013 Photo Gallery

Jeff Zielinski's Best of 2013 Photo Gallery

The West Coast BMX photo don just dropped a massive gallery of his favorite shots from 2013. Check a few of my personal favorites below and make your way over to the Ride website to view the full thing.


By The Numbers: Jeff Zielinski

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We’ve written down 100 random questions and assorted topics, all of which are unbeknownst to our victims. We will be asking people to pick 20 random numbers from 1-100 and then supplying them with those questions/topics to answer. Who knows what might come up!?!?!

Up next, is the tallest vegan BMX photographer I know, Ride BMX's Jeff Zielinski.


20+ Foot One-Handed Table

X Games 2013 - Big Air Practice, ride bmx, morgan wade, ryan fudger

I saw this photo on Ride's Instagram and liked it so much that I dug it up on their site to post here.

Morgan Wade with a large 1 handed table on the Mega Ramp shot by Fudger. Simplicity at very high altitudes. Morgan went on to win as well. This photo was actually shot though, but zero fugzzz given.


Nora Cup / Texas Toast Jam 2013

nora cup, texas toast, defgrip, ride bmx, odyssey bmx

Yep, that's right! After forever in Vegas, NORA CUP is making the move to Austin to coincide with this years Texas Toast Jam.

Its safe to say, if you're not in Austin on these dates, than the terrorists have won.


Ride BMX #190

ride bmx, cover, stevie churchill

More info HERE.

Ride BMX # 189

ride bmx, tony hamlin

Check out the guts HERE.

Brian + Kachinsky = Savagery in yo Face

Get punched in the face HERE.

20 Years of Ride BMX

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Crazy to think that Ride’s been around for 20 years. I remember when the first one showed up at my boys house in a Dan’s Comp order. Who’s older than 20? This guy.

Rad cover.

Ride 181

More info HERE.

Ride BMX #177

With G-Man (Gary Young) on the front.

More info HERE.

ODSY-VISION: Eric Lichtenberger

Eric Lichtenberger gets crafty with some assorted disassembled ramp pieces. Enjoy!

Also, check out Eric on the new Ride BMX cover below as well.


Ride BMX # 174

Peep the guts HERE.