Available Now: Glad To See The Back Of You

glad to see the back of you, ricky adam

Ricky Adam (one of my favorite photographers) just released a 48 page perfect bound zine called “Glad To See The Back of You”, which is all about punk jackets.

Click HERE for more pics and info.

Quintin Imprint Project tees

Quintin has released five tee shirts featuring the photographs of the five guys featured in the Quintin / Defgrip Imprint Project shows.

Pictured above is the Jeff Zielinski tee. Click below to see the tees featuring photos by Edwin DeLarosa, Walter Pieringer, Ricky Adam and George Marshall. Better yet, check them out in the Quintin online store.


Defgrip / Quintin Imprint Project – Venice

The Quintin Imprint Project‘s first stop went down in Venice a couple of days ago at the DTA shop. Check out some more photos here, the video here.

Thanks Edwin DeLarosa, George Marshall, Jeff Z, Walter Pieringer, Ricky Adam, Quintin, DTA, and everyone who came and drank Tecates!

Come see installment #2 at the Toast Jam.

Available Now: Destroying Everything

Ricky Adam’s new photo book is available right now!

Through a well planned trans-atlantic liaison (Aaron Ross), I was able to receive an early copy this book shortly after Simple Session. Too much info I know, I just wanted to use the word “liaison” once in my life. Anyway…. you can bet your ass that if I’m posting this, than I enjoy this book. I’ve been a fan of Ricky Adam’s photos forever now, so I’m stoked to finally have this to put on my shelf. Thanks Ricky!

You can find this book in the US through S&M or FIT webstores.

Go HERE for a list of international distros.

Ricky Adam: Destroying Everything

Ricky Adam is all set to release a book in a month or two, and has a nice interview on DIG about it. Stoked that this is coming to fruition.

Ricky is one of my favorites, so this will be a treat.

For more Ricky, check out his Defgrip interview from 2010.

Ricky Adam: 2010 in Photographs

A random selection of photos taken in 2010, plus a few video clips too 🙂

-Ricky Adam

Flickr Find: Ricky Adam

…from the streets of Leeds.

Via – Ricky Adam

Dan Boiski – Purpl

Purpl-30 Dan Boiski from purplbrand on Vimeo.

Feeling this music-less, crunchy black and white edit from the people at purpl.

Also, their store has a Ricky Adam photo you can wear. (!)

Carne Mag

Ricky Adam (see below) has notified me that he’s also just been featured in something called Carne Mag, which I have never heard of.

I went to the site, downloaded issue 2 and proceeded to be fully blown away by all the great stuff that’s featured. Carne Mag is a monthly digital magazine (yes, flippy pages) and I think it’s one of the better ones I’ve ever come across. First of all, it took a few minutes to download the issue, but I didn’t have to wait for any pages to load when I was checking out the mag so it was worth it. In addition, the whole thing looks really nice and is easy/quick to navigate.

Carne Mag features a good mix of photography, art, design and is definitely worthy of a check out if you are into those things. As an added surprise, Brian Barnhart is also featured in issue 2.

Interview: Ricky Adam

Click below to check out our interview with photographer Ricky Adam.


Ricky Adam: 2009 in Photographs

Ricky Adam is by far one of my favorites, I always look forward to his stuff. With that said, DIG BMX just posted a “2009 in Photographs” slideshow with Ricky’s work. Click below to check it out.

I am currently waiting on an interview feature with Ricky, so check back soon for that.



Thanks to Ricky for the link.