Revok is one of LA’s finest graffiti artists, definitely one of my favorites. The above photo was just posted on his site and it combines a new billboard, a sunset, traffic, the ocean and palm trees. Doesn’t get more LA.

I also just watched a new video of Revok speaking on a bunch of various subjects, which you can also check out below. It was put together by EIKNARF.

Via – Revok


Cope2 / Revok

New York’s Cope 2 and Revok from Los Angeles (2 legends) recently got together for some painting in the Bronx. This thing was presented as a “battle”, but neither of these guys have anything to prove. This was all for fun.

Photographer Ruedione was on hand and has a good series of photos on his site from the day. Check those HERE. These photos are better than any video I’ve seen from this day.

Via – TWBE