R.I.P. Dave Mirra


R.I.P. to Dave Mirra.

The news of Dave’s passing definitely rocked the world the other day. If you’re a rider who grew up watching Dave, the news is almost unbelievable. Since his passing there has been an overwhelming output of respect and love on social media/online from the people, brands and industry folk which has been amazing to see. Even those outside of BMX have been showing love.

Hit Ride BMX , DIGVital, TCURide UK and BMX FEED for more.

I am not sure who made the image above, but I give you credit.

R.I.P. – James Gandolfini

R.I.P. – Ray Manzarek

Rest In Peace to Ray Manzarek, keyboardist and one of the founding member of The Doors.

R.I.P. – Storm Thorgerson


If you wanna talk about classic/brilliant album covers, you wanna talk about this guy (and assorted cohorts). Rest In Peace to Storm Thorgerson.

Click below to check a small glimpse of his work.



steve crandall, mike tag, fbm. @crandallfbm

Went and visited the site of our first jumps. This was shot over 20 years ago, Hambone, Mike Tag, @gillysmalls and myself.

– Steve Crandall


Crandall posted this on Instagram today and I couldn’t help but poach it to share here. It’s been a year since Mike Tag has passed, but he is surely not forgotten.

In case you missed it, revisit our “Remembering Mike Tag” feature.

R.I.P. Biggie

RIP: Nekst

My Instagram feed blew up last week with RIP Nekst stuff. It was hard to miss that he had passed away.

Big, bold and in your face. That’s Nekst in a nutshell. Juxtapoz put together 100 pics of his stuff earlier this week, check it out.

While we’re at it, click below for Ralph Sinisi’s CUTS part, which features a Nekst cameo.


R.I.P. – Jeff Z’s Volvo

I couldn’t believe it when I heard it, but Jeff Z’s beloved Volvo (seen here during better days) has burned down. Yes, with fire. Quite possibly the most ubiquitous, hardest working vessel in California, and possibly BMX. I shot the photo above during one of its many missions. Rest in Volvo Heaven.

According to Z:
So why am I making such a fuss over my car that caught fire and burned to a point beyond repair? Well, for starters, half of the photos you see in the pages of Ride and on this website wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t drive that car to those spots—and the same goes for plenty of video clips as well.

Go HERE to check out a feature we ran on the Volvo. Lots of good info and tidbits.

Go HERE to read about it on the Ride site and click below to check out his bike that was salvaged from the trunk.


R.I.P. – Randy Taylor

Rest In Peace to Randy Taylor. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Photo taken from THIS Disposed feature. Click below for some Randy footage.