New Flickr.

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In Flickr news, there’s been a redesign!

The new Flickr is a million F-Stops better than the previous out dated piece of shit they’ve been offering us. So much so, that I actually feel inspired to use the service again. I used and frequented Flickr for a nice stretch, then became very uninterested in it for the last few years (stopped going there basically). Well, the new redesign has greatly changed my view on it. Same premise, just nicer presentation, ease of viewing photos and a terabyte of space. I realized that I follow some pretty rad people and it’s good to see what everyone is up too. Flickr has been a good source of content for this site, so hopefully it can stay in my rotation. Instagram likes to party with Flickr too, which is an added bonus.

If you’ve been down with Flickr in the past, go poke around and give it a new shot. If you have never been on Flickr, this will all mean nothing, haha…