Red Bull don’t play when it comes to big projects. This was awesome, well done all around.

Hit the Red Bull site for a lot more content from this.

Let’s Head To The Pier For A Milkshake

Well this was quite entertaining. Shouts to Bohan and Hucker.


Drew Bezansen rides off a container and over an open container door during Red Bull Uncontainable in Truro, Canada on August 1st, 2015.
Drew Bezanson performs a huge Double Truck Driver during Red Bull Uncontainable in Truro, Canada on August 5th, 2015. // Scott Serfas/Red Bull Content Pool // P-20150824-00045 // Usage for editorial use only // Please go to www.redbullcontentpool.com for further information. //

Scott Serfas Photo

I thought I knew what I could expect from this video from seeing some of the container/ramp pics, but that last clip completely shocked me and had me feeling the fear, haha. Shouts to Drew Bezanson for that one.

Click below to watch the video.


The Greatest Street Rider of Our Generation

Yeah I said it.

Courtesy of Red Bull.

We usually hit what we build, and like… none of us are hitting this thing.

Been waiting for this behind the scenes joint to be embeddable. Shout out to this project and all involved.

Click below to check out Hucker in action.


Dem Bakery Boyz…

…Keep pumping out good shit. New Red Bull YouTube series on deck with Corey Martinez and more. Get into it.

Ride & Seek Finale

Here's the feel good motivational finale to the Ride & Seek series. Job well done on this series, enjoyed it!


Ride & Seek #9

The crew gets all up into Florida.

Ride & Seek #8

More entertainment from the road. Good stuff.


Ride & Seek #6 AKA Fuck yeah Corey Martinez!

Ride & Seek #5

The dudes hit the road. Well entertaining this is.


Ride & Seek #4

New toys.

Dreamline: Photogallery / Assorted Facts

brian hunt, red bull, dreamline, justin kosman pic, defgrip

This official Dreamline video is really well done. Instead of jam packing it with everything that went down, you get some cool insight and stories from a bunch of people along with some choice riding footage. I know the video thumbnail could possibly make you overlook it, but don”t skip this one.

In addition, Justin Kosman came through with a bunch of extra riding/lifestyle photos he had from the event and below are some assorted facts (Thanks Luke Seile & Ilana Taub).

– Course Length: 1200 feet
– 1500 man hours for the build
– 20,000 tons of dirt
– 65,000 lbs of heavy machinery on-site
– Pitch of Mountain: 12%-15%
– Elevation of top of course: 9700 feet (highest signature series, higher elevation then Utah and Ultra Natural)
– Top speed of athletes: 38mph
– Biggest jump: 14 feet (transition to lip)
– Highest air (bottom of jump to athlete height): 29 feet
– Angelfire dirt is special because of it”s clay to dirt ratio, makes a perfect texture to build and sculpt when water is added
– It took four months to find this location and we looked at over 20 different Mountains

Click below for gallery.


Ride & Seek #3

This ones got Garrett Reynolds in it. All you need to know.

Fully, fully, fully digging this series so far.


Ride & Seek #2

In this episode, Corey Martinez lures Tony Neyer onto his rolling BMX cavalcade of bad-assery. Plus some other stuff.