Quintin Holiday 2012 preview

Click here to check out the new Quintin look book featuring team riders Raul Ruiz and Ben Lewis.

In related news, here’s a killer edit featuring Australian Quintin rider Chris Finnigan.

Raul Ruiz/Fit Bike Co.

Raul Ruiz is a peg wizard–check out his latest video for Fit above.

Raul for ODI

Raul Ruiz is keeping busy. This one is a full-length video as part of ODI‘s monthly Magic Bus series courtesy of Larry Alvarado.

Fit San Francisco Trip

Eddie Cleveland, Jackson Ratima, Josh Smit, and Raul Ruiz were going to do a Fit trip from LA to Seattle, but the weather was looking bleak in the North West, so they just chilled in SF and put together this rad edit!


Andrew Jackson and Raul Ruiz


…Are on Lavar. More below: