I know it's insane to imagine these days (even to myself), but it was definitely out of this world when Yo! MTV Raps hit the airwaves back in the day. That's where you went to catch rap music on TV, and they did a great job with it. Rap is all over the place now, but not back then (yes, I remember the stone age).

In the process of trying to sell you clothes, Stussy put together this sweet 2 part series on the show. There's lots of notable people in this, so check it out.



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Shout out to Mark Drew for pairing Peanuts together with some rap shit. Made me laugh.

Hit up BUZZFEED for some pics from his DEEZ NUTS show in OZ. DEEZ NUTS is such a good name for this show (and his zine).

Kevin Lyons


If you can make it through the broken links, you’ll find some awesome images and great work on Kevin Lyons site. Just make sure you don’t miss the studio section.

Check out Kevin Lyons work here.

Rap is the Next Big Thing


Check the date on this NY Times article. Thanks David Lang.

Read it here.