Ralph Gibson

I have had “The Photography Book” for years, which if you haven’t seen it, is basically a big ass book filled with amazing photographs from hundreds of different¬†photographers. 500 pages deep, each page features a different photographer which adds up to a serious amount of classic and historic photos. Since the book is so big, it’s always sat at the bottom one of my book stacks and I haven’t looked at it for years. The other day, I was re-organizing and brought it out. It’s been sitting on my desk for the past week and I’ve been digging through it again, making it through a few pages each day.

I’ve been re-discovering a lot of great photographers and somehow got suck on Ralph Gibson‘s work. After stoping on his page in the book, I went to his site and spend a log time looking through his impressive archive dating back to the early 60’s.¬†Focussing¬†on light and shadows, I’m in love with his high-contrast black and white images. Keep reading to check out a handfull of slects, and if you don’t own The Photography Book, it’s definitely worth the purchase!