Q&A: Chris Hallman / Tread Magazine

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It’s very possible that many of you reading this have never heard of Tread Magazine, let alone seen one. But during the mid 90’s, this magazine had a very cult-like following and was very sought after (at least to me and people I knew on the East Coast). It was kind of underground, kind of not, tied to the influential Props era and all around just awesome and interesting. I think it would be fair to liken Tread to the Albion for comparison. Tread only lasted 4 issues, but those issues were enough for it to have a lasting effect on riders from that era.

Inspired by a recent Instagram post, I decided to track down Chris Hallman and ask him some questions about the mag. Click below to read it all.

Shoutout to Chris Hallman and a big thanks to Chris Rye for supplying the images.


Q&A: Chris Rye / Props Road Fools

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Props' legacy within BMX is undeniable. Throughout its run, it gave us a glimpse into all aspects of riding, showcased plenty of riders, put you on to new music, revealed personalities and captured many classic moments. Anytime a Props would drop, we would gather at a friends house and watch the shit out of it. I'm sure it was the same for most of you (unless you had no friends). The Road Fools series of course, took it all to the next level.

Props is about to release a Road Fools Collectors Edition Box Set, which basically means that all the classic-ness can be found in one place. The following Q&A with Props founder Chris Rye  sheds some insight on the Road Fools history as well as the new box set, which you can now.

Click below to check it all out.


Film Boards

Props has a cool feature up on their site where they interview a bunch of BMX filmers who use skateboards to film. It’s a pretty interesting read, and a topic I’ve never really given much thought to.

If you find that interesting, check out our old post about which cameras certain filmers use and why.

Props: OWNED Summer 2011

Props just announced the lineup for the first OWNED video. Sick!

More info HERE. Bio’s HERE.


Looks like the dudes over at Props will be spicing things up next year, which is exciting to hear.

Head over there to check their new site and to read about OWNED.

Dean’s Pool Party in Props

P.P.P… Check out Prop’s segment on Dean Dickinson’s Pool Party hosted by Jimmy Levan and make sure to re-visit Nuno’s photos from the session. That looked like such a fun day! (via TCU)


Dave Thompson Props Bio

So this will be all over the net today, and for good reason. Fucking Hell.

Click below.