Brandon Hoerres Bio

In case you weren’t aware, Brandon Hoerres is an absolute beast. Thanks to Props for continuing to upload these gems.

Interview: Chris Rye / Props Visual

Props has been a staple in BMX since the early 90’s. Chris Rye and Marco Massei have been documenting all aspects of BMX since way before everything was online the millisecond it happened. Many notable riders have been profiled over the years, as well as local scenes and contests, giving everyone a glimpse into what was going on out there. If you do not have some sort of connection to Props, then perhaps you were just born.

I hit up Chris Rye with all kinds of questions regarding Props, so click below and get into it. It’s a good one.


Austin Church Gap Recall

This is true BMX history right here-Jimmy Levan getting the church gap in Austin, Texas done, over a decade ago. In true Props fashion, this isn’t just the segment from Road Fools 1 put online, it’s a re-edited version with a ton of footage nobody has seen before. Respect!