Proper City Series – London

South London is littered with ‘council estates’ (or social housing). We spent a month exploring these estates with Shaun Jinks, Rory Duncan, Janis Cunculis, Jamie Guile, Dan Figg, Max Wood (aka Peter Prang), Radek Dźwigała, Ben Marvin, and Shaun Jinks. Tonash Goodyear filmed and edited the results. Also thanks to Mateusz Kanownik and Chris Gordon.

Somewhere in the mix London was blighted with riots. If the move to demolish these estates wasn’t a rush before the riots it certainly will be now.

Picture Box

Here’s the trailer for Proper’s upcoming video called “Picture Box”.

Features Shaun Jinks, Alex Platt, Gav Shortall, Mike Miller, Janis Cunculis, Shane Rieder, Mike Mastroni, Max Wood, and Dan Figg + Friends.


Jon Edwards

Picture 2

Jon Edwards who’s a freelance graphic designer out of the UK and has done a bunch of work for Proper Bikes, just updated his portfolio.

Check it out here.


Proper have launched a new site. Check that out HERE.

Since we are on the topic of Proper, you should re-visit the Mastroni/Defgrip edit HERE.


mike mastroni

Mike Mastroni cooked up a rad edit for us, which I am pretty excited about. Dude’s rad and does nice work.

Pic by Stephen Meszaros/Svennnnnnnn



Jon Edwards, who is doing some design work for Proper, has sent over some nice pics of the new Proper TTL frame, and some info. You can click on the photos for bigger versions.

Click below for that, as well as an interview with Jon that Jamie Cameron conducted.



My friend Tristan, who runs Proper (a Long Beach sneaker and clothing spot), has an interview up on Sneaker Freaker.

Proper has done some tasteful sneaker collaborations in the past, and this interview focuses on their upcoming series of Vans, which have an emphasis on materials and details instead of just slapping 5 different colors on a pair of shoes.

Check it out HERE.