ALYK – Fed Up With The Bullshit Promo

Act Like You Know is a group of like-minded people that I strongly believe in. I am not just saying this because I am affiliated with them either. For us it is a mixture of passion and hatred that keep us going. For me personally a lot of riding I see these days is all the same or just lacking any real substance. Riding around and scouring through cities is one of my favorite things to do. That has been a huge part of riding for me since I can remember.

Everyone involved in this project brings something unique to the table. No one involved settles for mediocrity when it comes to spot usage. If something is whack then we let the other person know.

Cop fresh gear here. Everything is on point.

Stew Johnson is one busy mofo.

Good things to come.



Seeing as premiere info for the Deadline video has surfaced, I don’t see a better reason to repost the trailer for it. I love this trailer and can not wait to see the video.

Disregard that “Fall 2012” stuff.

TIC Promo

Preview: FBM’s Thousand Yard Stare

Steve Crandall and the FBM crew are at it again with a new one called “Thousand Yard Stare”, which you can check a preview of by clicking below.

But first, some words from the Cran Man!

Some time ago, after various web edits, mixtapes, and road trip video’s, the FBM crew decided to embark on a journey towards our first full feature DVD in a long while…

Minus the equipment, the budget and the resource that many projects require, we relied solely on the character, creativity, and the sheer talent of the guys who make up FBM, and gave it a shot. No hype, no bells and whistles, and not likely to to appeal to the candy fed mainstream, we proudly put together this new video, featured in this preview.

These are the guys that make FBM so unique, It’s an honor to say I am a part of the group, and to be able to share this with everyone. For us, this is BMX, this is how we live it, and like they say, It’s like you are really seeing beyond, when you have been in the shit for so long, you get that look, the Thousand Yard Stare… Enjoy!

– Steve Crandall


Empire “Bad Idea” Interbike Bromo

Here’s the final promo for Empire BMX’s next video, entitled “Bad Idea”. Due November (of this year).


Fiend Site & Promo

Fiend site & promo up now. Go HERE!!!

You already know.


Nigel X New Era X Animal

Here’s a promo for Nigel’s Animal X New Era kit. This shit is good.

Nigel= Real Deal.

The Pool: The Big Cleanup

Here’s the 2nd promo for The Pool. Dive in.

Nike Presents: The POOL

This just showed up in my inbox. Very vague and interesting. Hmmmmm……


Sit back, relax and click below to check out the new promo from Odyssey.


Cult Interbike Promo

Here’s a Cult promo that was playing during Interbike. It’s 10 minutes and does not let down.

Thanks to Navazio and Robbie for hooking this up.

“This Is United” Trailer

Here is the trailer for “This Is United”. I’m sure there will be plenty of exceptional riding in this video.

Click HERE for premier info.


Here is the latest Big Big BMX show featuring some random chick, and a new Animal promo.

Click below.



NICE TRY promo2 from PRIMO on Vimeo.

Glenn Milligan and Primo are pushing the release date of ‘NICE TRY’ to March 09′, in order to give you a better video. In the meantime, check out the new promo. According to Glenn, Filming has been going great and there’s going to be a couple ‘surprise’ sections in the video.