Industry Standard

Are you an artist? Need prints? Check out Industry Standard.

From Dylan Haigh:
On Feb 1, myself and 3 talented artists/printers launched a new company called Industry Standard that specializes in screen printing FOR ARTISTS ONLY. No little league t-shirts, no yard signs. We only make prints and posters for other artists.

Sam Buros

Sam Buros hit me up a while back asking if I could send him the Defgrip logo, so he could do a few prints for a school project. I was stoked, sent him the logo, and here are the results! Sam also sent over a bunch of other prints, as well as a writeup about his process. Big thanks to Sam for the support!!


The Wild International


The Wild International is a website and store that is curated by a group of very talented friends from all over the world. “We create for the sake of wanting to express our ideas under our unifying ideology of freedom, fun, self determination and the dissemination of outsider knowledge.” The site was basically started for them to do random projects at random times and to kick things off they have a great print from London artist Mark Ward that’s available in their online store. If the print isn’t for you, they also have a “free shit” section with some great desktop wallpapers from people like Cody Hudson and 13th Witness!