Nick Ferreira. The dude behind Holeshot zine (R.I.P.) and currently Challenger BMX magazine. He’s been putting out printed BMX goodness for a long time. Knowing this, I started wondering what printed goods get him stoked or inspire him, so I hit him up to find out.

Click below to check out a few zines/magazines that Nick is into, along with some words about each one from the man himself.


R.I.P. – Ride UK Print Mags


Man… down goes another one. Ride UK Magazine (and all other Factory Media titles) will cease to exist in print and will turn their attention towards their online presence (according to word from Ride UK’s editor). No word beyond that, so stay tuned to Ride UK site. Shocking? Not really. Unfortunate? Yes.

Have a flip through their mag cover archive.


poster, instagram, printstagram

Printstagram (AKA Print Studio) is a service that allows you to do all kinds of awesome shit with your Instagram photos very easily. How do I know? Because I myself used them to make a poster like the one above (that’s not me though) and it was a fun, easy and enjoyable experience. I strongly suggest checking them out if you wish to do more with the potentially awesome pics on your Instagram account.

Hit up Printstagram and see what they have to offer. Tell ’em Noons sent ya. J/K, don’t tell ’em that.



Rebelyell The Book

The guys at Rebelyell have just released issue 9 of their magazine… But this issue is more than a standard magazine. It’s their “Book Issue” and ┬áit’s a 200 page, perfect bound, coffee table style book stacked with great photos, awesome design, and amazing content. Check out a preview of the issue after the jump and check out their website for more info.


Mind Design

Mind Design is an independent design studio out of London. I’m really digging the patterns and colors the use in their identity work. (via It’s Nice That)


Sneak Peek: Case BMX Magazine

Case bmx magazine

Mike Netley sent through a sneak peek of the new magazine he has been working on, which is called Case BMX. Case will be a print publication based out of England, but will feature content from all over.

The mag should be available soon and hopefully it measures up as a whole so it can stick around for a while. Keep an eye on the Case site for more info.

Click below to check out some of the mag. You can enlarge the images by clicking on them.



Click below for a preview of the new DIG. You can click on the spreads to see them bigger.

Thanks to Will Smyth.


Burn Everything

burneverything graphic design stuido liverpool england

While I was browsing grafikcache, I came across a new site for Burneverything. A design studio out of Liverpool, England. We’ve posted about them before and I love their work. It’s interesting though how my tolerance for flash sites is getting smaller and smaller. If I know the company or person’s site I’m looking at I’ll give it a shot, but if I come across a new flash site, I find my self closing the page really quick… The Burneverything site is flash, but at least it’s nice and simple.

Check out their new site here.

Newwork Magazine


Newwork, a large format magazine printed on newsprint, just released their third issue. I have yet to see one, but this is the kind of stuff I’m in love with. I’m going to order a copy of issue two on Youworkforthem right now!

Check out Newwork Magazine here.