Roll Call Premiere


Don’t forget, the new Dan’s Comp DVD premieres next Saturday. So if you like watching Devon Smillie, Alex Magallan, Raul Ruiz, Matt Wilhelm, Van Homan,Ben Hucke, Broc Raiford, Terry Adams, Hoang Tran, Seth Kimbrough, Morgan Long, Shane Weston, Tony Hamlin, Trey Jones, Tony Neyer, Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Dakota Roche, Chad Kerley, Chase Dehart, Stevie Churchill and probably some more, than get to The Bakery if you can.

Click below to check out the trailer in case you missed it.



Seeing as premiere info for the Deadline video has surfaced, I don’t see a better reason to repost the trailer for it. I love this trailer and can not wait to see the video.

Disregard that “Fall 2012” stuff.


Wanna see Bad Idea? Get your ass to Long Beach.

Empire “Bad Idea” Premiere

It’s a “good idea” to attend this premiere if you can.


Hit up the S&M party last night, where lots of people came out to chill, watch a good video and witness the Santa Ana Claus (aka Sean Mckinney).

“I Wanna Live” is equal parts classic S&M, and an interesting watch due to Jordan Utley’s editing style which I like a lot. This is going to sound biased coming from me, but I thought Matt Beringer had the stand out part. It had a fun factor, and a bunch of moves you don’t normally see. Everyone has a solid part though, and I can’t wait to watch this again at home. The video is out now, so pick one up.

Judging by the photo I took above, there will be a video on Vital soon, so keep checking there. In the meantime check out some pics from Fudger on Ride BMX.