The Poster List

I recently came across The Poster List at a little fair in Long Beach, and was stoked on the stuff. If anyone’s looking for artwork/posters for their house or apartment, The Poster List has you covered (no pun intended).

Check out the stuff HERE. All designed and produced in house.

Erick Anthony Hamline

My friend Javas Lehn sent me a link to Erick Anthony Hamline’s site the other day. I browsed through a few project and was very impress, but as I went through his whole site tonight, I came across a Team Dilly poster that we had on Defgrip last year. How random! Anyway, Erick’s design work is amazing and he has some really great posters and inspiring letterpress pieces.


Morning Breath Inc.

The guys at Morning Breath from Brooklyn, NY have updated with a new website. The site is more of a blog format with a SERIOUS archive of all their work showcasing everything from their current poster work to their old Jay-Z album covers! Make sure to spend some time on their site and keep reading to check out some of their work. p.s. Andrew and I are out in Brooklyn, so if anyone reading this from NY, hit us up!


Vintage Porsche Posters

vintage porsche posters

Grain Edit has a rad collection of vintage Porsche posters from the 60’s and 70’s on their site. I could definitely live with any one of these poster blown up huge in my house, the only problem would pick picking one…

Check out the Porsche posters on Grain Edit.


faile art collective brooklyn poster collage

Faile is an art collective out of Brooklyn that is one part Canadian, one part American and one part Japanese. Their work is very pop art and collage influenced and I really love all their installations, especially the wood cut pieces. (via QBN)

Check out more of Faile’s work after the jump – READ MORE