Photo Dump

matt irwin photography

So, I started a new folder in my bookmarks called Photography – 2009… A few of my bookmark folders like photography and design get filled up super quick, so I’ve found that breaking them up into years works good for me. So, since the year is young and my 09 folder isn’t super full yet, I thought I’d share all the good stuff I’ve come across.

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Interbike Portraits

This year at interbike I took a different approch when it came to documenting the show. I was inspired by an article on Anna Bauer in a recent Interview magazine. Anna travels to all the big fashion shows, taking portraits of key people who make fashion shows what they are. I didn’t get to shoot everyone that I wanted to shoot and I did loose a roll of film with a hand full of photos from the last few days, but none the less, I’m psyched on what I got.

Check out the Interbike Portraits here.