We caught up with Portland’s Shad Johnson to discuss all things GOODS BMX, which just turned 15!

Click below for the Q&A.


The Build

For the motorcycle riding/wrenching enthusiasts out there. Kickstart this bitch and enjoy!

The Build explores the world of custom motorcycle making through the stories of 3 independent builders in Portland, OR. Hit up The Build site for more.

Insta-Gallery: Etnies X Cinema in Portland

Over the summer, the etnies and Cinema crews rented an apartment in Portland for 10 days and proceeded to grace the city with their 20″ mastery. The crew consisted of Corey Martinez, Chase Dehart, Tony Neyer, Sean Sexton and Dakota Roche.

Evidence of said 20″ mastery can be SEEN RIGHT HERE.

In addition, we have a gallery of this trip that Povah compiled of Instagram pics from all of the crew. Click below to check that out.


[Re-Up] AOTC in Portland

More info HERE. Open for embedding.


OMFGco is a group of creative/talented “thing makers” out of Portland, Oregon. Their design agency runs the gamut from print to signage to interiors, all of which looks and feels great. Mathew Foster, Fritz Mesenbrink, and Jeremy Pelley are guys behind OMFGco and I shot them some questions about what they do.

Be sure to click around their site.


AOTC in Portland

Chris Zeppieri hooked us up with this rad AOTC Portland trip edit, which is 9 minutes and features a bunch of people from the Portland area.

From Chris:
In June, CB Coombs and myself (Chris Zeppieri) decided to fly from Boston, MA to Portland, OR on a 2 week trip to visit our good friend Paul Cvikevich. The trip was awesome, met lots of great people and wound up with a ton of footage, check out this edit from the trip.

Huge thanks to Paul, The Take, Shad at Goods, Caleb Quanbeck, and all the Portland locals we met and rode with over the course of the trip. Also check out AOTC 2 available now from Dans Comp, www.aotcbmx.bigcartel.com, and shops all over the country!



Dew Aquarium


Nemo, FuelTV and DewUnderground are rolling through Portland skateparks doing Voodew drops to help promote the the Dew Underground Portland Show, being filmed during the Portland Dew Tour Stop 8/13-8/16.The show will air on August 24th 2009 on FuelTV. VooDoo Doughnut, an amazing doughnut spot in Portland, created a Dew Doughnut, Nemo created the Bug Aquarium, filled with 325 gallons of “Dew” and it’s being moved daily throughout Portland from now ’till the kick off of the Dew Tour. If fans spot the car, they can snap their pic and send it to NemoHQ (via Twitter) for a chance to win tickets to Saturday’s events (8/15).

Check NemoHQ twitters daily the location of the car and location of the Voodew drops and keep reading to check out some more photos of the bug! P.S. is that a Verde on the top?



Hankbuilt hand made furniture portland

Hankbuilt is a new studio out of Portland, OR that just released their first chair titled Chair No. 2. There are some photos of the chair after the jump and you can get all the info you need on their website – hankbuilt.com


Nemo Design


Andrew and I have been spending the last few days at Nemo Design in Portland working on some Defgrip Originals. Nemo is a design studio that goes way beyond what you would expect from a creative agency. The feature we are working on will give you lots of insight inside their agency, but for now, you should definitely check out their websites… Oh yeah, Mark Lewman works here!

NemoHQ (design), Studio Nemo (photography), Pamplemoose (music blog), Social Cache (creative blog), and Twitter.

Captured: Heath & Ryan



Portland in Photos


Andrew McMullen and I took a trip to Portland last week to meet up with a few people, hang out and work on some new video interviews for the site. We had an amazing trip and we really enjoyed Portland. We happened to be down for First Thursday, where all the galleries have their new shows opening and Sierra from Nike took us around for the evening and we got to check out some awesome shows. We hung out with Ryan Barrett, chilled with Rich Hirsch, met up with Mark Lewman at the design firm he’s a partner in, Nemo. We got to chill with Lewman for a bit and he gave us the grand tour of Nemo and while we were there, we saw an amazing photo show by photographer Danielle Levitt who has a book out with Powerhouse. We spent some time with Jordan Hufnagel, spent a lot of time at Powell’s Books and went to a really good show with Barrett and his roommate Adam, who works at Nemo. Adam designed some screen printed posters for the show that were amazing. Nemo has a poster project where every month they take some time out from doing client work and have some fun designing and printing posters. Check out a video for the poster/show we went to for Talk Demonic.

Big thanks to everyone we hung out with and a huge thanks to Aaron Lutze for letting us crash at his place! We’ll be back in March to work on some more contet for Defgrip, but for now, check out the photos from our trip after the jump.


Rip It Up


Team Shralp is putting on an art show titled “Rip It Up” at the new Lotek store in Portland this week. Check out all the info on the flyer after the jump.


Lotek Store


It looks like there’s a Lotek store or showroom opening in Portland today. Check the full flyer after the jump!