Li, Inc.

I posted on Tyler Aksew’s Favorite Thing’s radio show the other day and I’ve been following his blog ever since. Tyler’s a designer and has posted some great links. I was super psyched on this designer firm Li, Inc. They are based out of New York and have some amazing work. I’ve been a fan of all the Barneys Co-op stuff for a while, and It’s always rad to come across portfolios with work that has caught your eye in it’s natural setting.

Check out Li, Inc’s site here.

Terry richardson

Terry richardson recently updated his photo site! also, while on the subject, check out the Katy Barker Agency he and other renowned photographers go through, there is much more editorial and commercial work on there thats worth checking out for sure!

Jody Ragac

I’ve really been enjoying Vancouver photographer Jody Rogac’s work lately. She has a great portfolio and a well updated photo blog.

Check out Jody’s portfolio here and blog here.