New Year’s Drive — Photo Dump

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On the first day of every year, a hundred or so Porsche enthusiasts meet up for an early morning coffee in the Valley and then move swiftly through some amazing empty mountain roads while southern California sleeps.

A special thank you to all who get wasted on New Year’s Eve and make this beautiful experience possible every year.

Here’s an iPhone pic dump for all of you who enjoy Porsches new and old. Pics by (and of) Ryan Fudger, Dave Mavro, Jim Bauer, Brett Rubin, Matt Crooke and yours truly.


Jim Bauer on Petrolicious

jim bauer, petrolicious, porsche, 911

When he’s not working on or doing bike related stuff, Bauer loves wrenching on cars. Is “wrenching” still a current acceptable term to describe working on cars? Anyway… Petrolicious has caught up with Jim to discuss his minty green Porsche.

Check out the Q&A HERE.

Chris Harris on the Singer 911

Smiling in the front, business in the rear. Those of you who enjoyed Harrison’s Singer post last year might be interested in watching my favorite auto journalist Chris Harris having a talk (and a drive) with the people behind Singer. It’s always awesome to get inside the minds of people who have a heartfelt obsession with something and will stop at nothing to get it absolutely right.

These guys celebrate the fact that the beauty of the 911 isn’t just its beauty, it’s also its toughness. I find that the coolest 911s are the old ones that are daily driven, and Singer takes that idea one step further by giving them modern day power, some sound deadening, and an incredible bespoke interior without losing the rawness that was originally intended.


Urban Outlaw short film

URBAN OUTLAW – THE MOVIE from Tamir Moscovici on Vimeo.

This is quite a bit late, so if you like cool stuff and have internet access, you’ve probably already seen this and I apologize for the redundancy. If not, here’s a 40 minute short film about a guy who collects and customizes (and most importantly, drives) vintage Porsches. Even if cars aren’t your thing, it’s also a good story about how Magnus Walker emigrated to Los Angeles with nothing and built a pretty cool little situation for himself, involving industrial loft spaces, movie shoots, rock and roll, apparel design, real estate, and leather.

If you don’t have 40 minutes, the trailer is here.

Porsche Secrets

Check out these two amazing videos featuring two Porsche historians who can barely contain their excitement about the unique and special Porsches that rest in a storage wing of the Porsche Museum. After watching this, when I think about dream jobs… jobs you can’t wait to get to every morning… I will think of these two German dudes.

Via Hypebeast.

Singer Vehicle Design

While we are on the topic of things I don’t know anything about, I might as well keep going… Moving from motorcycles to cars, we have Singer Vehicle Design. If you are into Porsche’s (or just cars in general) you’ve probably seen these cars already, but if not, you are in for a treat. Singer takes modern Porsche’s and backdates them with pre ’74 bumpers and other details. This is something that’s been done for a while in the Porsche community and our friend Jim Bauer has doen this to both of his 911’s for a lot less then the price tag of these Singer’s (upwards of $300,0000). None the less, they are beautiful to look at and I’m sure even more incredible to drive (or sit in the passenger seat).


Easy On The Extras

Easy On The Extras is a new image blog that you should bookmark ASAP. Brought to you by good friend and Defgrip contributor, Mike Ardelean, you’ll find a great mix of cars, clothes, and other awesome stuff… with a focus on the cars. Spending time on the site is making me want a car again so bad… I haven’t been paying much attention to cars since I’ve been living in New York for the past few years… Just wishing I had a brownstone in the West Village with a secrete garage that could house a collection of vintage Porches… One day… hahah… For now, check out Easy On The Extras!

Urban Outlaw

URBAN OUTLAW – THE TRAILER from Tamir Moscovici on Vimeo.

Magnus Walker is a friendly dude with unique fashion sense and a couple of downtown loft spaces full of vintage 911s who attends the LA area Porsche meets, each time with a different car. In case you haven’t seen this yet, it’s the trailer for an upcoming documentary about him.

Old Parked Cars

Old Parked Cars is exactly that. Tony Piff and his brother Ben (both BMX riders) live in Portland and post photos of found cars in their area. I particularly love the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz collections, but what makes their site great is the sheer variety. From rare to common to well-worn to ultra-weird… the only thing the cars seem to have in common is that they’re all interesting in some way.

Click below to see some of my favorites and then go check out the best of Old Parked Cars 2011.


Vietnam Photo Essay – Brady Erickson

A group of us were out with our buddy Brady Erickson recently when he casually mentioned that he was taking off for Vietnam in a few days. By himself, with no plan, not even a return date. A few weeks went by, and I got these photos and this email:

“Trip is going really well… been flying by the seat of pants and have ended up in Laos – it’s unreal here, man. Like Robinson Crusoe island in the middle of the Mekong River. Fireflies and river dolphins and tree-houses and shit. Turns out Laos food is the closest thing to Mexican food you’re gonna find in Asia as well, so I’m fitting right in.”

Still no return date. Click below to see all of the photos.


Mini VS. Porsche

Mini is a rad company with a great brand message that makes pretty cool cars (which unlike any car except for the Pruis, totally defy any sort of social classification) based on REALLY cool cars but with clever marketing and childish speedometers. Porsche is a stubborn brand with a proven race history and a flagship model that even beats the G Wagen when it comes to most consecutive years on a single silhouette. In my humble opinion both companies make fun cars and both companies build their modern models based closely on historic classics which is the strongest and purest form of branding.

I respect Mini’s challenge here but I respect Porsche’s rebuttal even more:

“While your challenge seems like a fun and lighthearted campaign, we’ll stick to racing the way we have over the decades. We welcome you at Sebring, Le Mans, Daytona or any other sanctioned race where there is more at stake than T-shirts and valet parking spaces.”

Mini’s second attempt. I like their approach here, poking fun at the modern douchey Porsche driver, but they may fail to recognize the vintage Porsche driver and Porsche’s overall awesomeness.

The real story.

Jim Bauer – Under the Hood

I had the pleasure of putting together a photo feature on Jim Bauer and his 1981 Porsche 911 for Man on the Move.

Jim Bauer on Bulgogi Brothers

Head over to Bulgogi Brothers to check out a nice guest editorial by Jim Bauer. Jim unloads a few of his favorite iPhone photos and talks about Southern California car culture.

Click here.



Judging by the response to most automotive-themed posts here on Defgrip, it seems a lot of our readers are car enthusiasts.  Below are a few really good automotive sites which feature (usually) the sort of cars that I love, and that most of you seem to love too… Listed in order of the frequency with which I visit them. American Muscle, German performance, Exotics, slightly modified, over-modified, classy, seen around town, professionally photographed, for sale, commentary, videos, specs… it’s all there.

If you’re even remotely interested in cars, the first two will blow you away (if you’re not already familiar). Enjoy.

Bulgogi Brothers
Loudpop Voyager
Man on the Move
Cars I Have Seen
Bring a Trailer
Wynn Ruji Photography
World’s Fastest Sedans

Above photo by M. Burroughs, from honorable mention Stanceworks.

Woody Itson on Jalopnik


Jalopnik is one of my favorite automobile websites mainly because the writing is usually pretty smart and funny, and some of the cars they feature are up my alley. This post has it all: BMX history, a Porsche, and a good laugh.

Check the post here.

Disclaimer: normally I’m not a big endorser of the whale-tail, much less a convertible, but you can’t go stuffing a Trick Star into the back seats of a coupe! Woody’s got to show this thing off.