Art in The White House

Wooster Collective White House art

There is a rad post up on Wooster Collective about a trip they made to the White House this week for a discussion about art. Some of the topics they talked about were disappearance of common access to our public space and the need for a deeper understanding of what is and what is not “art”. There are some great quotes in the article, like “Yes, there are indeed graffiti artists working in The White House! ” and it’s really cool to see the effort that the new administration is putting in…

Check out the article here.


With the current presidential race going on, it’s been hard to deny the fact that the art crowd has Barack Obama’s back.

With that said, I just stumbled upon this Blogger site called “The Obama Art Report”, which seems to be archiving any and all Obama art that may pop up. Check it out if you are interested. 

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