Photographer Travis Mortz is not scared to take numerous cameras to events, especially not frankenstein ones that he has made himself (more on that below)!

We’ve always championed different/original takes on things here at Defgrip, so when Travis mentioned to me that he had polaroids from Swampfest from a camera he made himself that produced interesting images that he was willing to contribute to Defgrip for this this batch of updates, I was all about it.

Click below for some “Frankenstax” pics, along with some words from Travis himself.


Chip Riggs Polaroids

The Come Up has a dope feature with Chip Riggs from Shadow about a Polaroid project he’s been working on. Check out the full gallery and interview here.

Drew Innis Photography

Drew Innis is a photographer and cinematographer with a great site and an awesome blog filled with lots of amazing photos. Highlights include the Polaroids with amazing color that are scattered throughout his site and sweet burger shots like the first photo on his Vlog. (via Saturdays)


Mike Robinson

mike robinson photography

Check out some awesome photos from Mike Robinson. Mike shoots with a bunch of film cameras and recently finished his website. The site is super simple, but I really love the navigation on the Photos (1) page where someone is holding a different camera for each section…. So if you click on the photo of the Polaroid camera it will take you to the Polaroid photos… Super simple, but clever at the same time. Check out Mike site wheresweatyisntnice.com and keep reading for some of his photos.


Amazing Old School BMX Photos

Old School BMX Polaroids

Cameron from Hidden Clothing hit me with an email containing an amazing collection of old school BMX Polaroids. The photos came from a guy he works with, and they are apparently him and his friends when they were younger. It’s incredible how well these photos sum up what it’s like riding bikes when you are young and I really feel like this is what BMX is all about… All I can think about when I look at these photos, is the time in my life where I had not quite got into the whole BMX scene. I was riding bikes every day, but it was more of just curb jumps and flyouts. Me and my friends were still discovering BMX magazines for the first time and the whole idea of BMX was just so fresh! Some of my strongest memories of BMX are from those days.  Big thanks to Cameron and his co-worker for hooking up the photos!!

Check them all out after the jump – READ MORE

Hoang’s Polaroids


Not only is Hoang Tran an incredible bike rider and owner of some of the wildest barspins out there, he’s a super creative kid. He’s going to art school for graphic design full time, and is always filming and shooting photos with the Give D crew. Subrosa just posted up a few of his Polaroids that are definitely worth checking out. (keep an eye out for some incredible art from Rich on the blog as well!)

Check out Hoang’s photos here.