Junior Boys Podcast


XLR8R has some of the best podcasts going and they recently posted a good but short podcast with one of my favorite groups Junior Boys. Check the Junior Boys podcast here and the full XLR8R archive here.

The Monocle Weekly

The Monocle Weekly

I love Monocle Magazine: an educated and classy yet real-life approach to business, travel, design, and like subjects. I also love these weekly talks they have going. Throw on your headphones at work and spaz out on some Earl Grey Tea as you listen to this week’s guests discuss topics like the Slow Food movement, air safety, luxury watches and the African economy.

Here’s this week’s talk.

Monocle Dialogues


I just picked up the new issue of Monocle and came across a few pages in the magazine that were dedicated to their new online features that I guess are just like radio shows/pod casts. I just made it to the site to check them out a few minutes ago and haven’t had the chance to listen to them, but I’m definitely excited to check them out. The have topics for each of their sections that are covered in their magazine as well as a feature called the “Monocle Weekly” covering news and cultural current events.

Check it all out on monocle.com or on iTunes.