Hoang Tran (who doubles as an awesome photographer) sent through some photos he took during the recent Subrosa Japan trip. The photos were all shot on film with either a Canon T60 or a Holga. Good stuff.

Click below to check those out.


A Time To Get


A Time To Get is a blog from Nick Maggio that contains a great mix of photos and stories from his life along with all the things that inspire his life. Nick takes a lot of photos and surprisingly they are shot with his iPhone. I was blown away when I saw them for the first time and I definitely think he wins the prize for best iPhone photos ever! haha. Check out a bunch of his photos after the jump and check out A Time To Get here.



I lurked around the X-Games the last 2 days and took a bunch of candid pics (click below). I knew a bunch of people would be there to capture the riding, so I wanted to go and get some behind the scenes stuff of people chilling, watching, and doing their thing.

It was good seeing everyone and congrats to all who rode in the contest.

Hit up Ride BMX for results & video. Tunney and Cody live blogged the whole thing too.



Tony Neyer hooks up some random iPhone photos. Click below to check them out.


Coachella Photos


Contributing Editor has a rad photo series from Coachella on their site. All the photos are shot with film and document all the style and action that went down at the festival. (via hypebeast)

Check out the series here.

Gwon Osang


Incredible sculptures by Gwon Osang made out of human forms covered with tiny pictures of human forms to form one big human form.

View here.

(Another keeper via this guy…)

God’s love Is On This Island


Sandy Carson just wrote in to mention that he has uploaded 2 collections of photos from his ongoing project, which he is calling ‘God’s Will Is On This Island’ -An Aftermath of Hurricane IKE on Galveston County.

Check out some powerful photos HERE. The one above is unreal, especially with that sign.

Portland in Photos


Andrew McMullen and I took a trip to Portland last week to meet up with a few people, hang out and work on some new video interviews for the site. We had an amazing trip and we really enjoyed Portland. We happened to be down for First Thursday, where all the galleries have their new shows opening and Sierra from Nike took us around for the evening and we got to check out some awesome shows. We hung out with Ryan Barrett, chilled with Rich Hirsch, met up with Mark Lewman at the design firm he’s a partner in, Nemo. We got to chill with Lewman for a bit and he gave us the grand tour of Nemo and while we were there, we saw an amazing photo show by photographer Danielle Levitt who has a book out with Powerhouse. We spent some time with Jordan Hufnagel, spent a lot of time at Powell’s Books and went to a really good show with Barrett and his roommate Adam, who works at Nemo. Adam designed some screen printed posters for the show that were amazing. Nemo has a poster project where every month they take some time out from doing client work and have some fun designing and printing posters. Check out a video for the poster/show we went to for Talk Demonic.

Big thanks to everyone we hung out with and a huge thanks to Aaron Lutze for letting us crash at his place! We’ll be back in March to work on some more contet for Defgrip, but for now, check out the photos from our trip after the jump.



FBM wrap up 2008 with a slideshow of memories. Click below to check it out.



Last night’s Nike art show/party went off pretty well. Cool space, some cool number plates, a bunch of rad people in the house and complimentary drinks and candy.

I went with the intentions of taking some photos for this site, but quickly abandoned that plan due to a combination of catching up with people and forgetting about it. Luckily, the magazine guys and other media dudes were on hand to snap some photos.

Check out some photos on the Ride site HERE.

Yeah I used a photo with myself in it for this post, so what?? Impromptu beard gathering by Jeff Z. Hahaha.

Shadow Into The Void Flipbook

Shadow hooked us up with some amazing photos documenting the whole filming process for their video that is about to drop, titled “Into The Void“. The photos really show the lifestyle and personality of the riders and it looks like they had such a good time putting the video together. I can’t wait to see it!

Check out the feature here.


I’ve linked to a specific set of photos from this site before, but I don’t know why I’ve never linked straight to the main page.

Boston.com has a section titled “The Big Picture”, which they dub as News Stories in Photographs. There is a wide range of subjects, and each photo has great captions so you know what’s going on.

The picture above is from the Antarctica set, and the caption read:
A person stands silhouetted by the South Pole sunset on April 6, 2008. The sun dipped below the horizon on March 20th and did not appear again until September 22nd.

Pretty interesting stuff. Check out The Big Picture HERE.

Marko Knezevic @ Random

Marko Knezevic just sent over a nice photo. Check it out after the jump – READ MORE


Check out a few random photos of the people, places and details from my recent trip to Utah.

I had mentioned how Cam Wood and the Tanner locals decorated the trails, and you will see some of that, as well as some costumes and stuff from Beringer’s.

Utah is a sweet place to visit.

Check out the photos HERE.


I got a Flickrmail from Chris informing me that he has re-launched his photo website.

Check out his site HERE. There’s a bunch of pages to check out.