Photogallery: Simple Session ’15

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Another Simple Session is in the books. Hopefully you caught the live feed over the weekend (or even just glanced at Instagram) for all the happenings. As in previous years, our friend Vince Perraud was lurking around the event and captured some great moments once again. Vince does a great job of capturing a little bit of everything around this event. Click below to check that out.

Shoutout to Risto, everyone at Simple and Vince Perraud.


Get Laid By The Best.

inside the k hole

Not sure what’s happening on INTERNET K HOLE, but it might be amazing. Throwbackapalooza!

Warning: Some old school nudity.

A World With Out People

The Atlantic has a great photo story about deserted and abandoned places around the work.


Pretty as a Thousand Postcards

Check out this amazing photo series of collaged found images on the New York Times site.


Photogallery: Rebel Jam 2011

I just returned from a trip to the Netherlands where the world-renowned Vans Rebel Jam went down. It was held in the city of Eindhoven, which is about an hour and change from Amsterdam. This was my first time to this part of the world and from what I could tell, it is a beautiful country.

Rebel Jam is one of those contests that you always hear good things about, so I was more than happy to accept the invitation to come over and cover it for Defgrip. This was my first ever Rebel Jam, and it did not disappoint. From accommodations to the actual event, it all went down as smooth as my eyes could tell. Barring any jet lag or “zombie mode” scenarios, it was a good time. Also, it’s always good when you can make riding history at an event, and Rebel Jam did that.

Thanks to Andy Zeiss and all the Vans staff for a great experience.

Dominik Wrobel is cooking up an edit for us, so check back soon for that.

Be sure to check out Ride BMX, DIG, Ride UK and Rebel Jam sites for action shots, results and more.

Click below to check out my photos from my time in Eindhoven.



On a somewhat dismal but real note, the current earthquake/tsunami that’s hit Japan is as much of a disaster as you can imagine. This was the first event of this kind that I happened to catch live on TV as it went down, and it was crazy. Watching water blaze on shore and barrel through towns was a crazy visual. Our thoughts go out to everyone in Japan. has a bunch of photos that touch on all that’s gone down. Check those out HERE.

Almond in Tenerife

Almond just hooked us up with a link to a big feature that they haven’t even dropped on their site yet! A bunch of their crew spent five days in Tenerife, where they put together an edit, photogallery, and some fun interviews.

“We spent 5 days in Tenerife, we had the worlds worst van and instead of relying on locals we just drove everyday to different cities and beaches in search of spots. It totally worked out and we had such a cool time, waking up, drinking coffee, swimming and riding, evening beers and tapas, perfect holiday basically.”

The feature will be up on their site soon, but here’s a first hand look at the galleries and videos! Click here to check out the photos and keep reading to watch the videos…


Scrapbook 2010: Nuno Oliveira

Since this year is coming to a close, I figured I would post a little gallery of photos that I’ve set aside throughout the year. You may recognize a few of these from previous galleries here, but the majority of these pics are new. As with my personal site, there’s a random mix of stuff in this “scrapbook”. Enjoy!

A big shout out to everyone I know and to every new person I’ve met this year.

Click below to check out the photos.


Old School BMX Photos

The Selvedge Yard has a really great post up with a bunch of old school photos. There are some classic photos in there and our boy Smoovebert even makes a cameo! Check out the post here and if you are in the old school BMX mood, you might want to re-visit our old BMX polaroid post!

Disposed: Team Major Air

Most of Team Major Air is comprised of hardworking stiffs. The Gypsy Tour provides a vacation that we are able to take with a group of our best friends. Our plans were fairly simple. Figure out a place that we wanted to ride, and then get there and ride it. Where we stayed that night was never a primary concern. The trip took TMA from the depths of Long Island to the top of the Green Mountains. It was a pleasure to travel with these guys.


Rooftop: Random iPhone Photos

Rooftop was kind of enough to hook up some random iPhone photos. With all the stuff he gets into, you know this one will be good.


New York in January Pt. 2

Check out part 2 of our NY photogallery featuring photos from Chad Moore, Andrew McMullen, and Ryan Bailey! If you missed it, check out part 1 here.


Hoang Tran / Estonia

Hoang Tran refers to Estonia as an “awesome arctic tundra of a city”. He was kind enough to hook us up with some of the photos he took while checking the place out during his Simpel Session trip.

Click below to check those out.


2009 FBM Slideshow

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