Hadrien Picard

Hadrien Picard just launched a new website showcasing all of his photography and film work. Check it out here and keep reading to see a few of my favorite shots from his site!


New Colby Larson website

Our friend Colby Larson has a new website up, featuring, among other amazing things, a heavy dose of Wolfman… seen above performing a flatland maneuver.

Click below to see some of my favorite shots, and click here for Colby’s site.


Acne Paper

The latest issue of the Acne Paper just came out titled ‘Manhattan’. As the title states, it’s an all New York issue, with interviews, photos and stories from a serious group of New York heavy hitters. My favorite article is the massive 15 page feature on the photographer Saul Letter… Seeing his images printed in large form on the beautiful matte paper is worth every penny.


Matt Stuart Photography

Really loving the work of street photographer Matt Stuart. Check out more of his work after the jump.


Autophoto: Vincent Perraud

I am not sure why an Autophoto with Vincent Perraud didn’t happen sooner, but here we are finally.

Hailing from France, Vince is no stranger to producing cool images. Everything from film to digital, Vince has a good eye for it. Just scroll through his Tumblr for proof. I’m a fan of Vince’s stuff for sure!

Follow Vince on Instagram: vinceperraud

Click below to check out his Autophoto.


Quintin Imprint Project

Defgrip is proud to team up with Quintin on the Imprint Project — a traveling gallery of black and white photographs exhibiting the global BMX lifestyle. Featured photographers are George Marshall, Ricky Adam, Edwin DeLarosa, Jeff Zielinski and Walter Pieringer.

Those of you in the Los Angeles area, please come join us for the opening reception at the DTA store in Venice, this coming Tuesday, September 25, from 6pm to 10pm.

Click below for flyer.


Mike Hoder

Here are a couple random photos of Mike Hoder from last week. Nothing better than a late summer day in New York with nothing to do but cruise around the city.


René Burri

Rene Burri… I’m really surprised we haven’t posted about him on the site before. If you don’t know, read here, if you haven’t seen, keep reading, then get ready to spend the rest of your day here.


On My Desktop

I keep my computer pretty organized most of the time and I try to keep my desktop free from any files… but sometimes things get a bit crazy and files start piling up… Right now I have a bunch of random stuff saved from random blogs and my desktop is a mess, so before I filed them away, I thought I do a random image dump… so keep reading to check out what’s on my desktop right now!

p.s. thanks to easy on the extras for a bunch of this stuff…


Lindberg for Lindebergh

One of my favorite photographers, Peter Lindberg, who I’ve posted about before shot the most recent campaign for the clothing brand J.Lindeberg. I’ve never really been into J.Lindeberg, but these images look great and I pretty much love everything Peter Lindberg does. It also looks like they are going to be creating a book from the campaign, which is very cool… You can check out some of the image on this site as well as possibly one of the all time shakiest behind the scenes videos from the shoot of all time. Not sure how you can make something that shaky, but it’s fun to see Peter Lindberg in action and you can catch a glimpse of him with a Panasonic GF1 around his neck.


Nick Maggio

Our good friend and former Photo of the Day contributor Nick Maggio has launched a new portfolio site with endless amounts of great photos. Really feeling his lo-fi section… check out a bunch of photos from the lo-fi series after the jump and check his new site here!


Ralph Gibson

I have had “The Photography Book” for years, which if you haven’t seen it, is basically a big ass book filled with amazing photographs from hundreds of different photographers. 500 pages deep, each page features a different photographer which adds up to a serious amount of classic and historic photos. Since the book is so big, it’s always sat at the bottom one of my book stacks and I haven’t looked at it for years. The other day, I was re-organizing and brought it out. It’s been sitting on my desk for the past week and I’ve been digging through it again, making it through a few pages each day.

I’ve been re-discovering a lot of great photographers and somehow got suck on Ralph Gibson‘s work. After stoping on his page in the book, I went to his site and spend a log time looking through his impressive archive dating back to the early 60’s. Focussing on light and shadows, I’m in love with his high-contrast black and white images. Keep reading to check out a handfull of slects, and if you don’t own The Photography Book, it’s definitely worth the purchase!


Running of the Bulls

An incredible photo series documenting the Running of the Bulls on the Atlantic website. Check it out here.


Disposed: United X Eclat ‘High & Bound’

Paul Robinson sent over a really dope disposed from the United X Eclat ‘High & Bound’ trip from LBC – San Francisco. The full edit, microsite including 2nd edit, and Albion article will be out August 1st, but keep reading to check out a first hand look on the trip through the eyes of a disposable camera. p.s. thanks to Paul Robinson for the dope collaging layouts!


Eclat in Shanghai

I’m really stoked on this edit from Eclat documenting their trip to Shanghai. Great mix of riding, lifestyle and interview footage… and the clips are so good! They also have a great mini-site to go along with their trip featuring photos from Andrew White. Check the video above and site here.