jeff zielinski, photo, bmx, ralph sinisi, animal

jeff zielinski, photo, bmx, mike mastroni

I’m convinced that the world is a better place because we have Jeff Z photos. That’s pretty much some sort of scientifically proven fact and shit. With that said, Jeff has re-launched his site with tons of stuff to look at. Eyeball the site HERE.

For more Z, check out the great Autophoto he put together for us in 2010. Also, R.I.P. to the Volvo.

Discovering Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier was a nanny by day and a street photographer by night. This mysterious lady’s biography gets unveiled after her death. The story is truly incredible; I cannot wait for the release of this film. Check out the trailer for it for now.

Scrapbook 2012: Harrison Boyce


Here’s the second part to my 2012 gallery… I posted a bunch of my iPhone photos last month and this is the follow up with all of my other photos that I shot through out the year. Just a bunch of random photos from my various adventures through out 2012. Thanks so much for all the positive feedback on my iPhone gallery and I hope you enjoy these photos!


Photogallery: Imprint Project


Tom Kirkby from Breaks sent over some photos from The Imprint Project. Check them out after the jump and click here for a video from the opening. For more info about the project our post about it here. If you live in London, you can check out the show at the Exposure gallery until the end of February.


Photo of The day: Jason Stankiewicz

knowtomorrow. jason stankiewicz, photography

Jason Stankiewicz ( aka knowtomorrow ) is one of my favorites that I follow on Instagram, so I figured he would be a good person to take over the P.O.T.D. on the sidebar for a month. Jason is an East Coaster and shoots anything to do with city life along with other treats mixed in ( assuming when he escapes the city ).

Check out his site HERE, follow him on Instagram and keep an eye on the sidebar to the right.

Under Fire

george marshall photo, albion, bruno hoffmann

Around the 1:16 mark on this Dan Lacey edit, you can see photographer George Marshall running around just after some sort of disturbance in Tel Aviv. Scary shit indeed. George, Dan, Bruno Hoffmann and Rich Forne were all in town working on Dan’s edit and Albion interview. On George’s recent visit to Austin, I was able to point out that I noticed him running around during this intro, and we proceeded to talk about how wild it was during this project.

Anyway, George has posted a nice overspill gallery from this trip on the Albion site. Check it HERE.

People vs. Places


Timothy Burkhart hit us up to let us know about a project he’s been working on with fellow photographer Stephanie Bassos called People vs. Places

“This double exposure project allows us to step back from having full control of the image making process and trust in one another while allowing coincidences to happen naturally on film. Stephanie exposes a full roll of 35mm film of only “people,” and Timothy reloads the film again into the same camera, to imprint only “places” and locations to the same roll. These images are all the end result of our ongoing series and are unedited negatives straight from the camera.”

Check it out here and keep reading to check out a few more images.


Justin Kosman @ Random

justin kosman, defgrip, photography

It’s winter. Get digging.

Justin Kosman

On My Desktop


Desktop dump time… Lots of random stuff I’ve collected on the internet over the past month or so.


Abandoned NYC

abandoned NYC

I need to go exploring right now –

Alex Valentino: 2012

alex valentino photo, defgrip, gallery, bmx, kevin kalkoff

I had randomly come across Alex Valentino’s New York gallery on The Diggest and was really into it. I always get stoked when I unexpectedly find out that certain people are into shooting, so I did what I do best and asked him to contribute to the ‘grip and he came through.

Click below to check out an assortment of some of his favorite pics from 2012.

Follow Alex on Tumblr and keep up with MarieJade too.


iPhone Scrapbook: Harrison Boyce

2012 was a great year for me. I got to travel all over the world, work on some great projects and spent my time with some amazing people. I was going through all my photos to put a gallery together, but ended up having too many for one gallery, so I split them up into two. The first one is all my iPhone photos. I always try to shoot as much as I can on regular cameras, but can never put my phone down and probably shoot twice as many photos on my phone as I do any other camera. I posted a lot of these on my Instagram and Tumblr, but it’s fun to look at them all together in one gallery. Keep reading to check out my iPhone photos and check back for my second gallery sometime this week!


Scrapbook 2012: Nuno Oliveira

2012 was interesting. I moved from Long Beach to Austin, and for whatever reason ended up shooting way less “real” photos than I did in years past. I still carried a camera around a bunch and accumulated some goodies, but ended up with a lot less this year. For real, I’m blaming Instagram (in a good way). No matter the medium, we still have images. This collection of photos is a mix of camera and iPhone pics that I took throughout 2012. Enjoy!

Click below to check out the scrapbook.


Chip Riggs Polaroids

The Come Up has a dope feature with Chip Riggs from Shadow about a Polaroid project he’s been working on. Check out the full gallery and interview here.

Top 10 Photos of 2012

Time Magazine put together their top 10 photos of 2012. Check them out here.