Fred Herzog


A few weeks ago I was shopping at a used book store outside of Chicago and came across a book by Fred Herzog titled “Photographs”. I had heard his name before…probably in school….but that's about it, I was pretty oblivous. Well I opened the book and immediately became obsessed with Herzog's work, I feel like I have been missing out all this time. He was one of the first street photographers to push color photo and was one of the grandfathers of color photography, coming even before the esteemed William Eggleston. There is a great article up on American Suburb X of excerpts of some his interviews and they definitely are worth a read.

Hit the jump to scope out some more of his work.


On My Desktop


Here we go again… A bunch of random stuff that has caught my eye over the past few weeks. A bit more abstract this time, but I've been on a weird digital grime/distress kick lately. I guess it's because I've been working on some more abstract editing recently. Don't worry though, if you make it to the end there some of the usual interiors and car photos. Enjoy!


Everybody Street Trailer

This new documentary on street photography in NYC looks to be one not to miss. Some great great artists in here….and I can’t wait to hear their stories and viewpoints on what street photography means to them.

On My Desktop


Time for another post with a bunch of random stuff I’ve saved to my desktop. It’s been a while since the last one, so there’s a lot of stuff in here!


Ray K Metzker


My good friend Nicholas Maggio (who after a small hiatus, has been back to doing a bunch of posts on his site sent me a text with a photo of a Ray K. Metzker book and the words “buy this right now”. So I did what any like minded person would do… Went to google images and drug a bunch of photos to my desktop. Thanks to Nick for the inspiration and keep reading to check out a bunch of Ray K. Metzker’s photos.



goodfeelin, bmx, photo, respect my swagger

GOODfeelin crew tweaked up the site and dumped a bunch of pics in. Go HERE.

New Flickr.

flickr, nuno oliveira,

In Flickr news, there’s been a redesign!

The new Flickr is a million F-Stops better than the previous out dated piece of shit they’ve been offering us. So much so, that I actually feel inspired to use the service again. I used and frequented Flickr for a nice stretch, then became very uninterested in it for the last few years (stopped going there basically). Well, the new redesign has greatly changed my view on it. Same premise, just nicer presentation, ease of viewing photos and a terabyte of space. I realized that I follow some pretty rad people and it’s good to see what everyone is up too. Flickr has been a good source of content for this site, so hopefully it can stay in my rotation. Instagram likes to party with Flickr too, which is an added bonus.

If you’ve been down with Flickr in the past, go poke around and give it a new shot. If you have never been on Flickr, this will all mean nothing, haha…

Autophoto: David Grant

reed stark, david grant pic, defgrip, bmx, photography

Having learned that David Grant enjoys shooting photos from his recent DIG interview, I decided to hit him up and see if he would be down to contribute an Autophoto. Being a fan of riders who also shoot, I was psyched to know he was down.

Click below to check out David Grant’s Autophoto. All the photos were taken on Canon or Minolta 35mm cameras.

Be sure to follow David Grant on Instagram too.


Surfers Underwater


Seen a post of Lucia Griggi’s underwater surf photos over at Huh Magazine and thought they were rad enough to share. They surely got me excited for Chicago summer and shooting with my underwater film camera. Although, the water in Lake Michigan isn’t quite as clear as this.

Check out some more of her little interview and images here.

Welcome Timothy Burkhart

timothy Burkhart, bmx, defgrip, chicago, photography

We’re happy to announce that Chicago based photographer & rider Timothy Burkhart will be joining us here at Defgrip.

We happened to come in contact with Timothy one day, and one thing lead to another. We found that we had similar interests and bringing him on board worked out naturally. Timothy has been a fan of the site for some time, has a BFA in photography/studio art, is currently handling photo duties for The Bakery and carries too many cameras. He knows what we’re about and we look forward to having his posts in the mix.

Follow Timothy on Tumblr and  Instagram.

Elliott Erwitt on Nowness

“I know some of my previous wives didn’t think I was funny at all” “The good thing about dogs is they are everywhere, they are usually sympathetic, they don’t complain… and they don’t ask for prints”

Quotes for days… Loving this video with photographer Elliott Erwitt from Nowness. Check it out!

Michael Wolf


Really blown away by the work of Michael Wolf. Make sure to spend a lot of time on his website because he has so many incredible photo series like this one or this one or this… Just check it all out. Thanks to Jon Fischer for the link and keep reading to check out some more of Michael Wolf’s work.


On My Desktop


My desktop is a mess and it’s time for another dump of images. Keep reading to check out all the random stuff I’ve saved over the past month or so.


In Focus


Catching up on The Atlantic”s In Focus section today. Really stoked on a few of the latest galleries. Check out the Native American portraits, Google Maps Japan ghost town, and don”t miss the epic in the North Korea military gallery. Keep reading to see a few of my favorite shots.


Lee Friedlander


I”ve was really excited to discover Lee Friedlander”s work last week. Not sure how, but up until I was reading an Avedon book the other day I was completely unaware of his work. I”m really digging his photos from inside his car and the mannequin/reflection series. Check out a bunch of his work after the jump.